Friday, May 01, 2009

Kalau saya nak lari.

Maybe I should change to a new blog. What do you think?

Sort of like a new race, only not entirely new. But it somehow contradicts the whole principle you know?

But look at the blog's address. I think tis' a sign of aging.


Click to Climax said...

here's one

Blog ad:

Sitting it out.


Che Eduardo said...

You not jumping anymore, is it?

Ayyman Rahim said...

Haha sitting! Cute.

lala g* said...

why ?? haha i even put jumpingjane in my contact list :P

jane said...

Haha tsk people. Was thinking of janesrace.

I dunno. Maybe it'd still be this. We'll see.

Laa, tak ada kerja hang ni.

Gua Tak Peduli said...

come join my new karma chameleon blog ;-)

Click to Climax said...


if im not mistaken, you once told me that it's malay!