Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Let's get out of this country.

Let me tell you something wicked, something probably so familiar to you. The feeling of being in between two entities that are so well apart and polarized but blend just in the right proportion. But that is just the tricky part of it. It could be you getting the best of both ends, or it could be you being pushed into different extremes.

Take Tanah Melayu for example. Many decent decades ago Malacca has one of the best ports around. You know the whole systematic concepts and such. And even the Malay language was used dominantly. But it's no good to dwell in the past they say, and we shall not dwell. We move forward.

And forward, we have the excerpts of many polarized identities different from our own. Actually, I don't even think we have a sole identity that is truly ours. These multiple identities of ours have been evolving from time to time, perhaps in allign with social Darwinism. We adapt ourselves hence our identities in parallel with the changes of the physical world, to survive. All these alterations we make.

But like Tanah Melayu also, we are a mixture of polarized cultures. Both the Eastern and Western teachings or perhaps fundamentals, principles, ideologies. I don't know, maybe a schema that we somewhat abide to. The whole nurtured or natured fundamentals of our souls and conscience. The ones that derived us to act or speak as such.

The thing is that, it could be the best of both ends or it could be the other way round. The clash of two different extremes that aren't proportionately mixed, causing such bad chemical reaction of different cultures, ideologies, fundamentals and identities.

Like Tanah Melayu (perhaps Malaysia) too, being in between of two polarized ends could end up in exaggerated gestures of political dramas, social fluctuations or anything as sort. These kind of things in our daily lives that need our reflections between who we are, who we can be, or who we want to be.

The different colors of the pH scale, like the different aspects of our fundamentals. The two ends of the pH scale, one may be too acidic and otherwise. Although neutral sounds good, but don't tell me you want to end up colorless the rest of your numbered days?

Obviously, it is not about the country. It is about the individual.


Edward Saminathan said...

Isn't it better to in the middle, Nad? The world revolves around u; it's the best sit in the house.. Instead of having to revolve around things for a change..

nurulshima said...

i agree jane, in this country its not about religion or whatsoever, its about race and people who think that they are superior than others and it is sickening..