Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Now my feet won't touch the ground.

The search for novelties was rather interesting. Well it should be interesting that the whole search had made me feel rather different. Different, but not entirely. You know? Even the emptiness inside isn't precisely empty nor entirely full. So it is probably somewhat like an undefined state not completed by the experts, a state that probably is in between the state of half empty or half full.

The undefined state. Some might say it is somewhat being like a zombie. You're not occupied but you're not that preoccupied either. Or perhaps it could be senseless, only it is not entirely senseless as hot is still hot, cold is still cold. Everything remains the same but not quite everything is still the same.

Where phone calls are preferably screened, and text messages unworded further.

The condition where daily routines are just what they are or perhaps just like how they were, only as the minutes and hours had passed they do not give me much annoyance. And routines don't entirely get to my nerves. The state where the future is near, and possible plans are plotted semantically but the boost of motivation hasn't done much boosting at all. Where roads of the past are travelled unconsciously.

Where deliberations of inhibiting are made. Possibly exhibited by a mixture of both the will and force.

So dear good sir/madam, if you do know such state or find it rather familiar, would you be kind enough to share your experience with me?