Friday, May 15, 2009

Maybe novelties.

Maybe, this is what it is about you know? Questioning the ideals, the beyond reach. The things that are so high up, so clear, so wide. Maybe even sacred.

But with one condition, we need to try to keep our feet on the ground while trying to reach the distant ideals. Of course, some cheat by building sky scrappers and some send men in white suits to explore the ideals. But many of us, we are just common people. Not much of power, not much of overloaded bank accounts.

So how do we really reach the ideals from these grounds?

I am just dried out of the right words. Maybe because I deliberately inhibted the connotations of my words.


Edward Saminathan said...

One way ticket to heaven..

Ps. By the way, is that a telco tower?

Jane said...


No silly, it's a stairway to the ideals. Oh I think it is Ed. Btw, you're fast!