Tuesday, September 18, 2007


One thing you should probably hate about me is that I am a bloody judgmental ass. Trust me; even my personality test says it. Don't say anything just yet, I do believe all these tests though to some extend it doesn't make any sense, but heck; it is my bloody major.

So anyway, I am judgmental and one little wrong impression; you might just not be in one of my good books (Not that you give a damn or anything). Don't blame me just yet; blame my Idealistic point of views. It says that an Idealist tend to seek that certain uniqueness in himself/herself or others. So yeah, there you go.

I was just blown by how stereotyping or my judgments for the record could just be the least reliable source of knowledge. I used to think that bimbos do not at any rate posses at least the slightest deepest thought. But who knew..

I came across the youth blogs. Ah, they took me by surprise and they held me at their writings. Beautiful thoughts, beautiful mind. You know, certainly not the average blogger kind of shit. That stuff kills me. So anyway, who knew all these party animal could have such deep thoughts.

But they failed to rationalize. Or perhaps they rationalized until the point where they found out that the ultimate source of knowledge; ethical values and such are not really the ultimate source of knowledge. You know, when they discovered that all those sacred religion books are just "classic literature" and remain as just that.

Maybe they are driven by their free-wills to lead life and never really want any Superior power or authority get in the way; being obstacles. After all, it is free will VS. determinism. Maybe, just maybe when you get to the point whereby you have filled your head with all the intellectual questions and answers; you would divert from the track.

Run, still in search of the truth in discreet. Holding to your beliefs.

Maybe one day, someone would rise and jumble it all for you again. Square one.

Selamat Berbuka Dear Loyal Muslim Readers.
Selamat Berbelanja at the Bazaar My Loyal Readers.


content said...

since this was the first entry right after 15 September, think best for me to say it here...Happy Belated Birthday! May more wonderful jolly good ones to come! :)

Jumping Jane. said...

terima kasih!!