Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The wonderings.

Forget about the saying I told you about how big your mind is. For tis, its going to be a very small one.

I never knew that blog skipping would be so much fun. Hah. It really fills my time, specially when I have class in an hour time. I came across a blog; fellow Malaysian of the same gender. Oh boy, is she one of the great blogger! I mean, she's a mother and she listens to all that Modest Mouse crap. And did I tell you that she has one of the great mind?

One thing i noticed about the "blogsphere" is that; they are in the professional lines. I mean, wow. Hebat gila okay. Then this path of wondering was carved right before my eyes, great just great. Would I still be part of the "blogsphere" and be in the professional line as well?

Lets face it; I am a growing mind with many dreams to catch-talk about greedy. I love writing, and you know just talk about all these absrud talks. And ever since I was 15, I wanted a job as one of the professionals. And to top it up; having a family.

I know its still early and stuff, since I just turned legal. But you know, you got to plot your life. Its just how things are suppose to be. So anyway, this wasn't meant to be a post- I was just filling holes of my time until the next class. And the time is here.

"Well thats; one thing we've got".
Breakfast at Tiffany's; Deep Blue Something.


shamini rajah-kot hui tze said...

naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad :) how're you la woman.

content said...

Ah, the mother who listens to Modest Mouse and all those cool stuff, her house is built on solid ground with excellent blueprint i must say. She does write good stuff, i thoroughly enjoy reading em' too.

As for being in 'professional lines', applying it to my situation, only the line is professional while the person himself is totally the opposite :)

Happy blog skipping/hopping!

Jumping Jane. said...

haha hey thanks content!
gila i appreciate your comment wei! as you can see, i have no comments.
still trying though :)

and yeah, "we all float on okay!!"