Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Places where we belong.

There's a famous saying that goes;

"Very great minds talk about ideas,
Great minds talk about events,
Small minds talk bout people,
And very small minds talk about self."

One of my course lecturer introduce the whole class to this true saying. I find it absolutely right. If you skip from blogs to blogs or perhaps just listen to the person talking to you; where would you place them? Where would you place you?

I need to read books, but I'm skipping from blog to blog. So forgive me dear educators.

Have you smiled at a stranger today?


supersara said...

my dearest, have you forgotten me? =)

faz. said...

I KNOW I KNOW! I miss Dr Steven & his class. :( and i definitely remember that saying. he told us toooooooo. see i remember because i love his class ! :)

faz. said...

i am wondering why does Moron ONE comes after Moron TWO? lol.

content said...

I just did...well, not really a total stranger, but to the mamak who brought me food for buka puasa just now...just smiled and said "mekasih, dude! buka, eh?"...i dun know his name, so consider still a stranger, rite? :)