Saturday, September 08, 2007


"We see things they'll never see,
You and I are going to live forever."


Slowly, we lose one by one of the insignificant. Hanyut. Really, it saddens me to see one by one of them are taken down slowly like a domino masterpiece in slow motion. As if its epidemic. Are we going to lose them all soon? Or are we going to lose ourselves too?

Losing. If you ask me, I myself am not sure what are they(we) losing ourselves(us) to. Its as if their soul or rather their "truth" has been sucked out by a huge vacuum.

I've lived by the day- watching one by one of my acquaintances being captivated by "the life". Punishing their souls to the beat.

I question myself, what is right and what is wrong? To me, it might seem wrong, but to others, it might just seem the damn right thing.

So is the way we lead our lives right?

For your interpretation to define.

Subjective, bloody subjective.
Aku tengah malas nak buat kerja dan belajara.
Oh, tolong lah beri pertolongan!


content said...

Oh My God! Live Forever by u happen to still have that 'Definitely Maybe' CD? i lost mine, or rather misplaced it and hilang just like that. That's a classic i must say, at least in my book.

Jumping Jane. said...

AH YES! OASIS!! LIVE FOREVER GILA SMART. Pardon my caps, I get excited and thats what happen. And, tak ada lah. I ada yg cassete yang Standing on the shoulders of Giant je.

And Definitely Maybe is one of the greatest album. :)

Jack said...

oh tak smart kot. pardon my unwilling no caps lock.