Saturday, September 01, 2007

the youth of today.

Life; a big word for a little insignificant being. People often ask themselves what are their purpose of being here on earth. Again, these approaches to life are rather subjective. But the objective part of it is; the classifications. Some toil real hard for their goals - which at the end of the day, they would still wonder the use of their goals. Some just party their hearts out and call it; "living to life". The others, well just watch their lives go crashing down the drain.

The life of Malaysia after 50 years seem less and less civilized. Humanity as you can see seems to be declining in contradict with the booming development. My theory is this, the more and more civilization grows, the more humanity shrink. I was watching the national television last night for its glorious 50th Independence Night and it breaks my heart to see Naib Pengerusi of the UMNO Youth raise the flag.

It has been a long time since Tanah Melayu stand on its two feet. And thus, Tanah Melayu was freed on the 31st August 1957. But today, fifty years later, the youth of today are caught in their own world. And it breaks my heart to see them flooding Sunway Lagoon for the My Nation, Putrajaya for the Fireworks by Japan, or any other places merely for the fun but not for the patriotic spirit.

"Freedom of Speech". I usually come across people who talk the talk about this whole "Freedom of Speech" and how it is not exactly a freedom. The funny thing about this is, these fresh raw mentality of theirs seem to be caught in between the four walls, and just speak randomly without thinking. Like I've written in a few posts before how these people do not know how to lead their life in a proper manner or maybe the one that can't even finish up their college assignments are the ones wanting to teach the authority to lead the government. Isn't it ironic?

If they want a freedom of speech so much, maybe they should arrange their mentality first. And not merely speak words of raw meat.

I am not saying in any way I am not in the category of the youth of today. Heck, I will only be legally eighteen in a few moments from now. In any way, I might just be just like you. With guilt, I often question the authority, the lives of the politicians, the government and above all, the youth. Doesn't it sadden you to see a huge amount of us wasting away our lives? And hasn't it occur to you, how would the country, the nation, our folk traditions would be another 50 years from now?

I went to the petrol station on the Merdeka eve. There was this old man, maybe around his seventies was in his uniform, handing the door for the customers. This feeling of respect just overcome me. It is funny how the old ones that have more will, more strength to work their ass off rather than the youth of today. I have always been impressed with the old folks that walk around on their own in the streets of Subang Jaya. They still have their courage, their strength with them.
But where are all the kids gone to? They are not at the playground neither at the school. So where are they?

It is funny when the society always complain on this and that. And it is much more funny when people agree to it. Like I said, they only talk the talk, but never do the walking. It has already been fifty years, when are they going to start walking? Or at least crawl? Funny when they want more from something but never give anything in return. Isn't it should be a win-win situation?

Malaysia is nothing like any other Asian country. Tell me where else can you see people of many races in cars cursing in their own mother tongue? Or when you switch the radio on, you can hear from Bahasa, Tamil, Chinese and English? Or maybe just watching the TV from Astro Ria to Vaan to Wah Lai Toh? Where else can you experience the respect of every other religion? Or the Muslim paying his last respect to his Christian friend?

Maybe if you ought to live just one day before all these cultural adaptation and respect took place, you would learn to appreciate more of our cultural diversity than complaining about how the other races are like. There shouldn't be any races stereotypes either. We, the bangsa Malaysia, are one. And as one; we stick together, respect and feast!

" Berdoalah untuk semua, misterimu ku pohon,
agar tegur karisma, iman ku selamanya.
Ku mohon ke atas Mu, salahku selalu.
Dalam sadis, ku bernada; indah duniya seketika."

Danish; Old Automatic Garbage.

P/S: Dear loyal readers, I have decided to cancel my cbox; I don't see the good use of it anymore. But please do continue read my ever absurd thoughts. You have no idea how much I appreciate your wills.

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