Saturday, March 08, 2008

Time waster;

I'm suppose to be working my ass for my term paper on the US Government. But well you know, first thing first;


Only because the movie was good! I bet the book is even great at even a larger scale.

Anyhow, I just had something to ask you dear loyal readers;

Imagine you were me. In your black shirt top, and your 3/4 black pants. With your hair tied up in a ponytail, waiting for your meal. When dear Mr Jack went to get the little boxes that would help to satisfy his nicotine quench. Yeah, it was a nice night to eat dinner especially when you take trips down together looking for songs that you grew up with. You know, like "Hey Leonardo" by Blessed Union Souls or "Breakfast at Tiffany's" by Deep Blue Something. Or maybe the old Mariah Carey and Gwen Stefani. They were awfully good until to the point you are proud you listened to them before. But when you look at them now, well, they're just there. Making new albums, singing new songs.

Anyways, then right at the opposite of you, in a X manner, sits a family of well-educated (religion wise) people. Yes, where the head of family has the 3 black marks that signify their faithful duties as His servants. The ones that most of us religiously fail to fulfill. What do you think I would feel at that very moment, knowing that I was alone at that table.

Nothing? Boy, you're wrong.

Inadequate. Ashame.

ESPECIALLY, when there are 2 young growing teenagers, probably in the age of 15 to 17. Of same religion, of same race. In their Oh-So-Super Shorts and their little spaghetti tank tops. Laughing, sitting with a leg on the chair showing their hair-less thighs. And they are sitting right next to the family I was referring to.

And the family left. I could not do anything but lower my head down, and continue fighting my Ken in Street Fighter on my cell, and lost.

One scene. One question.

Is religion the path you are suppose to commit your life to?
If yes, then why are most of the people I stumbled upon are screwed up. All my life I've been growing up where the idea of pre-marital sex is what the Westerns practice and we Asians, or specifically Muslims are forbid against it. But why when I was at the early stage of teenagers, I realized, it is a rule and rules are meant to be broken.

Then why are we still practicing superstitious beliefs which I guess were inherited by the budaya Hindu many decades ago? And why drinking is such a "cool" and "in" thing?

If no, well, how sure are you? Why are there atheist? I don't know lah.

Oh and the saddest part was, these teens seem to not feel anything. Too caught up in their world I guess? Or maybe it is just the phase they're going through. Or well, maybe it is just a sad case for them then.

I should be thinking about my G****** term paper. Cheers.

Oh, really, watch Martian Child.


Anonymous said...

but all the same, one shouldn't judge another just by the appearance these seemingly religious people carry around, it's like saying a tudungless person doesn't pray at all, or every tudung-wearing girls are pious.

religion, in the ideal world, is the ideal path one should tread on, maybe even commit to, but sadly it's never easy to actually fulfill these tasks especially when the world is a place of one too many irresistible temptations.

i'm muslim too, and i happen to be among those who pray dutifully, read the Quran once every.. er, coupla weeks, and like you, i was brought up to believe that premarital sex, drinking and smoking (or whatever) are prohibited and i guess i'm lucky many years later i still haven't broken any of them rules. but often i'm amused by other teenagers who do these things that i don't (either by upbringing, principal or conscience) and ditto, i too always feel ashamed when other muslim teens act all funky, sometimes i harbor to just bitch slap them, only that i've come to learn that sometimes you just can't change people, or hope they change especially when the matter at hand is regarding religion.

it's a sad fact, but what can i say? muslims today are pretty much screwed up.

.. and in case you're wondering, i've been reading your stuff for some time now. i like it. scintillating.


Anonymous said...

I remember you wrote something like this in your post few months back.

The Bible wrote how sex is a gift for married couples and yet, westerners (and also pro-choice Christians all over the world) still practice them. Best examples, Hollywood celebrities lah. They made their little young fans think that it is okay to have a baby before getting married OR have one and not getting married at all. Look what happened to Jamie Spears?

All in all, i rather not be the society who judged how one should live. I leave it all to God. Let them live how they chose to live their life. At the end of the day, it is not us who determine the consequences for their action. It'll be Him who decides it all.

P/S: I'm going to make Fifi watch Martian Child with me this Friday =)

XOXO, Chengs

Jumping Jane. said...
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Anonymous said...

Inane. You should shut up the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

latest anon ain't me (the first one ;P)

- p.

Anonymous said...

by Jack. Got something to disagree about?