Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The world beneath;

A very good morning dear loyal readers. Over the heat of the "political tsunami"?
Did you think it is that easy to get over the shock?
Or are you still not over it, like that tiny past at the back of your mind, tattooed on you?

The smell of the hash brown here is so yummy, that I actually forgot what I wanted to write.
How do you tell the makcik makcik in the surau who are making ridiculously a lot of noises gossiping about some anak angkat (I'm sorry I ter-eavesdrop) when there are a bunch of us are trying to talk to God? It's so annoying that I got to the point where I wanted to say, "Aunty, ni surau tau, kalau ye nak gossip pun, keluar lah. Suara aunty tu, is amplified more than the men in front."

Haha, unfortunately, my conscience or rather my super-id took over. Biar lah, malu nanti dia, besides, er.. I'm younger. Young kids just don't have any right to tegur the elders, we're inadequate since they are the ones yang makan garam lebih banyak. And I'll be biadab, and jaga tepi kain orang. So yeah, is it the same in other norms?

Let's talk about the political changes. What do you think? Do you stand along with the others who particularly freaked out when BN did not get 2 thirds of the parliament. Some think the bumis would get less privileges. Thats one thing about privileges, they have always been spoon fed until they are afraid to stand on their own.

What ever happened to healthy competition?

You know where you do your best and be mentally challenged by the tension of that "race" or whatever you may call it. That's what I call life, you break, fall and stand on your own. That's when you get to actually APPRECIATE what you lost, collected and gained along the way.

I guess a percentage of Malaysia is just not ready for the change.

Loh Gwo Burne won the Kelana Jaya parliament seat, bringing down Lee Hwa Beng, the guy who brought Subang Jaya up. I'm sorry, it's just the place where I grew up in, and I'm a kid ( No no, I believe baby is the right word) in this political issues but well, I've seen how Subang Jaya has grown. And, LGB actually took his picture with a camera in his hand, HOW CORNY IS THAT. hahahaha! Ok i find it funny really, but I guess all things go.

And the whole V.K Lingam videos are just, well, a path that leads to another. And so that Chua Soi Lek's video. What are with videos anyway? I guess it is really the whole mass communication thing growing. Its a tool. A damn serious tool, to capture happy moments, as well as to bring leaders down.

Oh, and that Hindraf rally?

I think the parties other than BN, yes, DAP, PKR, PAS and all are smart. I think they'd be change. Well that's what this baby thinks. Was never really into politics. But I guess its fun to follow it. And laugh how these leaders scream and shout like monkeys at the Parliament. I like.
Again, by right, I'm not in any position to say anything. Think this will be my first and last post on politics.

And see what's happening on the US politics, did I tell you Hilary Clinton actually appeared in Saturday Night Live?

Maybe Sharizat should do something like that to win her position. HAHAHA.


And there's a sex scandal in the US politics.

I guess it is the election season, where all the rats come out of the closet. To bring the party down, or to open the eyes of the citizen? Which stand are you in?

Did I tell you my term papers are still on hold? And my midterms were screwed. I need excellence, not "above average". See what Malaysian norms did to us kids?

So are you bloody ready for the change?

I know most of the Malaysians are, since BN lost most of their seats.

And fundamental attribution error is everywhere. Like this lady next to me, I'm sorry, I can't help but eavesdropping. Anyway, she left her USD at home apparently, so she said "Ganesha was playing with it." See what I mean? A sense of Nietzsche's ubemench?

Oh airports are great places.


Anonymous said...

haha, wait, so are you for or against the government?

i personally think most malaysians have no idea what they hell they're doing exactly. they read about these big people getting caught in sex scandals or building some damn mansion with the people's money and immediately go, THAT'S IT! they don't take into account that despite it all, we HAVE progressed under the existing government. and what really annoyed me was how some teens who aren't into politics were merely excited at the notion of 'opposition' and felt that was enough to make them feel entitled to talk about it when really, they knew nothing at all. but for clarification, i'm not pro-govt per se, neither am leaning towards opposition, but i do believe that malaysia is in dire need of a change, only that it should rightfully begin with baby steps not radical ones like what's happening now (5 states to the opposition, enough for BN to call THEMSELVES 'the opposition' like how weird is that?). if it doesn't kill me to say, i think it's a bit much for this small unstable country to handle. we need changes, but we should start small.

but what's done is done, right? the only thing we can all hope is that the oppositions (or erstwhile) walk their talk. rebelling don't mean anything unless you prove your point so i'm just gonna put my views aside and watch. long live malaysia, i guess? :)


Anonymous said...

neh, wasted point.