Wednesday, March 19, 2008

When tomorrow is another day,

Good evening dear loyal readers. How has it been for you along the week? Did your boss notice the extra effort you have been putting? Did your peers notice your secret smile?

Let me ask you this little question that seem to be troubling me. Maybe I'm a little absurd, but well, you know.

Do you notice the stranger that you're talking to is elder than you? Like for example if you're ordering your meal at the mamak stall, or wherever. Do you speak at a proper manner? Or do you just put on your snob look, with your sour face and order?

I mean, we do tend to get a little carried away, especially when you're with your peers. Yes maybe the ones that worry which shoe is going to drop next.

Do you think that the neighbor next to you who ordered a Nescafe tarik thinks highly of himself than the elder who served him? Only because he works at a mamak stall with his dirty worn t-shirt and trousers (notice how rarely people use this word nowadays?).

But what happens when youths deal with these situations? Do they smile? Or give a puzzling look? Neutral or perhaps a little pinch of that superiority feeling?

Is it okay to direct an elder when in a job structure, you are somewhat superior? Especially with the firm direction tone. My B.M teacher would put it as, ayat suruhan.

So, I don't know, you tell me.

Ideally, I think that the world's such a great place to live in. And life's such a great journey. Why waste it?

But when you know the world is always ready to turn its back on you. You just know that tomorrow is yet another day.

Good or bad, no one has ever predicted it accurately.

Goodnight world.

"And if you're crazy, I don't care, you amaze me!" The Fratellis.


kamal said...

yeah i know what u mean
i frankly get uncomfortable when the much older cleaner addressed me as "encik". i'm just a kid. i told her to stop cleaning my desk coz i can take care of it.
and i cant comprehend why some people are so kurang ajar towards the cleaner/maid, even if they're indonesians. hopefully they'll die from cancer.

Anonymous said...

Ideally, I think that the world's such a great place to live in. And life's such a great journey. Why waste it?

For you.

so, shut up already.