Sunday, February 04, 2007


"Its Yuan-fen"
-Jason Lee Siew Long ; Sepet.

"I'm not saying that you're not my destiny; I really know you are. What I'm trying to say is; I don't know whether that you are my only destiny."
-Summer Roberts ; The O.C.

Destiny ; if you ought to be given a chance to peep into your destiny would you jump to the chance? I know you've been thinking whether he/she is your destiny, or your career its your destiny, to pursue your life. Or whether you're destined to stay at the same stage till you spell your last words.

And when you've peeped into your future, would you choose to believe that it'll happen exactly like what you saw in the magic crystal ball? If it doesn't fit your "make-believed" destiny, would you tremble and worry so hard that it makes you curl on the bed and try to hold on something so strong that assures you IT IS your destiny? Would you convince yourself that to look into a crystal ball is superstitious and only God knows what is held for you? After all, even if its destined, it is all in your hands ; you have to make it work.

But when you see in the crystal ball; and you see what you want, how will you react?
Would you jump up and down; all psyched out? It is after all what you've been wanting.
You can plan every single detail ahead. It is after all the planning that make life easier to run.
Or would you sit and think ; is that what you really want? Do you actually deserve what you want? Because life doesn't always go the way that you want. Would you be contented or would you fill yourself with doubt? If its meant to be; you know its hard to believe, because throughout; it was just something to fantasizes about, something to hold inside your brain that you've got to work hard to achieve it.

Lipgloss and Make-up
Have you ever believed that there was only one better half for you out there - your destiny?
But it all falls apart, and you don't know where to go from here.
And thats when your brains start to work and your eyes start to pop out.
Get working child; life's ahead you! A-hoy!

Watch The O.C. 413

P/s : I love you.

Stop reading me like a novel.

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