Friday, February 09, 2007

The weatherman says goodnight.

Something cracks me up on the inside. It was a breezy morning I tell you; Thursday mornings.
I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy Thursday mornings. As most of you are aware; (ok maybe only one of you) that on Thursdays; its a friggin ample day for me. One class ; 1500hours-1700hours. And this is going to sound like an over-rated blog entry; but what the heck. Anyway, the morning was breezy, literally. Its hard to not get a cold- considering I have a sensitive nose in Nilai. Yes, even if you are not in an air-conditioned room. You see, its surrounded by the forest, hills etc. OK, basically, very sejuk-lah. And as usual I finished making up my room around 7 plus plus or so. Then there I would be, on the chair at the desk, with the speakers singing songs for me. What? I was studying ok. I had my mid term for ENG-140 at 1500hours. But I enjoyed my morning I swear, the sun was up, providing sun rays for my laundry! ( Yes Paperbagged; saya dah faham the art of laundry. ) Then my mp3 player was playing breezy songs for me ;

Geek Love
I don't do crowds
Books written for girls.

Wei saya gila suka lah pagi semalam.

If you have any idea why, please fill me in.

There was a group of guys + a girl - fighting, STTTTREEEEETCHHIIIINNNGGG their lungs out in the cafeteria. I was just about to enjoy my Thursday in Starbaker ( Lebih kurang koman lah nak ikut Starbucks ) and have a nice lunch there, but ended up watching the fight from behind a plant. Er, I was very takut lah! I swear it was very scary. There was this guy running towards the madding crowd + the very sibuk me. Only I was still behind the plant. Oh and I noticed it was really green too. And I had to tiptoed because apparently the plant was taller than me. Thats when I saw it was a bunch of friends of my friends, only I'm not closed to them and so I just "konon-konon" tak sibuk lah by making my way to the cafeteria and buy lunch kan. Then my dean was there and her tiny voice struggled between the raging angst voices. Then she managed to pull it off. And the crowd fade. Thats when I went around searching for food, and as usual was at the mamak AND, the mamak was peeping from outside at the back of the kitchen, BECAUSE THEY CONTINUED FIGHTING NEXT TO THE CANTEEN. MAD I TELL YOU. Sampai the guy jatuh jatuh, and all the books pun, the shoes terbukak. (I tengok dari tepi lah)

SNM : "Ne, saya nak makan lah! Ne sibuk lah jangan lah sibuk sibuk tgk org gaduh"

Ne: " =) Nasi putih? "

Er. Jangan lah tanya saya kenapa saya cerita pasal ni, kelakar lah.

So I ate, alone. AND THE FIGHT CONTINUED. Then I messaged my friend saying that the friends got involved in a fight. Just to inform I guess? I thought I was doing the right thing.
Anyways, there's a reason behind this, I have a question behind this scene, but yah enough lah for now.

YA ALLAH; my language and the sentences structures are so kelam kabut for this post. Er. Ok seriously, later.


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