Sunday, February 18, 2007

If you leave ;

Say that you're halfway around the world; away from home.
Alone in a stranger's world ;
Who is the first person that come to your mind, to talk on the phone to?

Say that you're watching a bloody sad love movie ;
And you cried.
Who is in your mind; the one that you picture is one of the character in the movie?

Say that you've been having one hell of a year;
And you need someone to talk to, even you haven't talk to she/he for ages;
Who would it be? That certain person you keep coming back to?

Can that someone be the one that doesn't give you anything, but stole your heart?

Do all these make sense?

Selfish ; when is it really selfish? Self-centered. I've realized I am self-centered at times. Well most of the time maybe. Somebody please ; read me like a book.

Bloody over-rated feeling.

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