Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well Isn't it Ironic ;


You know when they tend to say something, but do the opposite?
Well ; actions do speak louder than words.
But what happened when it works the other way round?
You know, when they do things to hide the words.
And along the way, lose what they need.

Its a shame to be apart.

I never thought I would get in that line of business. Where they strut their stuffs and plaster a smile? Feeling the total opposite. Watching was always a pleasure, but being apart of it? We'll see what comes. It is anyhow, for my future sake, you know, cash for abroad. And those who do not know what the hell am I talking about, you haven't been catching up with me. Its either, I'm busy ( I know I tend do get out of touch at some point ) or we're just not exchanging journals. Anyhow, to my greatest fan ( Future manager as well ) thanks for being my greatest fan. =)

You know when I always go; No, this is definitely it. I'm done, I'm out, its over. But somehow, it tends to fall back in place, and I count my steps back to square one. Remember when you said you'll be worried as hell once I'm in college? Look where are you now, pushing me to the top. Screaming out on top of your lungs. =)

See how irony works?

You know what they said after high school ; its time to plot your life on the piece of graph paper honey. To tell you the truth, I didn't feel a bit of this life changing phase at first. It was after the last paper, straight to work, straight to college. No time to breath or sit down and think with a sip of hot chocolate. You know when you tend to get caught up in things. But then, when I was out for an interview - for a part time job. Then I realized; this is it. Studying + training + working. Its for the future, these cold hard-earned cash. And its for the future, these knowledge I'll pick up along the 4 years in college. Like, I never thought of putting myself out in the world so fast. Literally and figuratively. But then ;18 is even the legal age for marriage. So it can't be that fast? But why am I feeling so? Its too fast. I still feel inadequate in knowledge, experience, and all that little toolkits for the adult life , young adult at least. Thats when the plans for the settled stable future came is. Wow. OK, I'm a planner, I plan my life at even talked about the settl
least few years ahead. So toed stable future, was well, intense and serious. See, I know you can't really see eye to eye with me right now dear loyal readers, but if you do see what I see; somehow I feel I'm thrown out of the cage, almost lifeless, but gasping for future. Whatever it is, I tell you, and I tell you now ; I'm ready. Even if it means that I've to duck around town to build my life. It works at your end too dear.

And now; I wish I could stay longer and spill the beans.
But I have finals, and I need to start cracking my head.

The world is against us.

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