Thursday, February 01, 2007

A few stops to home.

I know how the system works. It just gets easier when you know how to work the system. Better yet; manipulate it.

Greedy heartless hounds. I hate being in the pushy crowds; in the steep steps of a crowded bus, in the edge of the railway tracks to the train. They just push you with all their might; not worrying what are the consequences would occur others. Please don't get me wrong; I too tend to go along with the crowd. Epidemic. It eats you up inside and you just, you just have to be one of them. Just to make sure you get what everyone else wants. How you get it, its personal. Only the lucky ones get to know your little secret.But eventually, it never stops within these four walls. Paper thin walls. More like; you can't trust anyone these days. Its like, a joint connection. You trust her. She trusts him. He trusts her. It goes on. It never ends I tell you. So the news spreads. I guess its planted inside every soul. The seed. This seed. The urge to own something - something that everyone craves for. Its just the matter of fact that how far would you want your seed to grow. Sun, rain, drought, flood. You nourish them. Your soul. Be merry kid; work the system or manipulate it.

Another unwritten laws of the complex being. But how many actually practice them? A handful? A pinch of sugar? How many would say thank you; or carve a silent smile to the cashier at your nearby convenient store? Would you wave at the kids on the school bus? Would you pat on the toddler's head? Would you spread the deadly virus? Be a silent activist. These unwritten laws, they more or less would nourish those once innocent souls of the society. As I said, its just the matter of fact on how far would you want your seed to grow. We need to develop the minds of the society, before we develop the land and whatever it is they do to catch up with the world. Be a silent activist; help to build a civilized society.

And we all do miss school. And b* ; high school never ends. It already has.

And suddenly ; I'm in the race.

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