Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Aku berazam ;

Aku berazam nak tulis blog.

Good day my faithful readers. I know I've not been spilling beans into your bowl for ages. And probably you people out there are giving up on reading my blog page. The decision is all yours honey. One thing is for sure, I know I have a super loyal reader. So if you already have given up attempts reading my outdated blog, then why are you still reading this? So anyway, I do not know why suddenly I have this sudden urge to blog. Maybe its because its so outdated. I do not want you to think I've failed in pursue of my "writing career". Not pursuing the professional field anyway. Just an emergency door out of the real world. Heck, if I ought to pursue the professional field, I don't think I would make that far out. I got a bloody A2 for my Gce-O. But for the SPM level; A1. Boo. Not good enough.

Budak Melayu ini tak pandai dalam Bahasa Malaysia.

You know the art of socializing? It works amazingly. Unfortunately; I'm not a big fan to socialize. Maybe its just not in the genes. At least in my mother's blood. It gets really technical in the head. You know when you think real hard to start a topic. Like what's irrelevant and what's not. And I'm the person who chooses what to tell to strangers and to my closed pals. You just have to draw lines. Some times I understand why. But most of the time, I don't get it. When you did draw a line, then there's nothing left to discuss. Of course there is, about our nation and the world. But that's more like talking to an adult. Only a handful of the youngsters nowadays read the papers. Music topic? Totally not to be touched. I'm not interested in knowing youngsters yang terhegeh-hegeh konon dengar Brit Music. And this topic is only to be discussed with closed pals. Books? Certain people. Movies? I only watch certain movies. Very fussy - contradicts to my "not a big fuss" line. And if you outgrow your circle of friends, it would be rather difficult to keep everyone in the circle. You wouldn't have time to keep in touch and live at the same time. Specially now you're in college. Do you get the picture I'm trying to paint here? Lets say you're already in college, and you meet new closed friends then what happened to your old ones? Like losing the smoke you've exhaled few seconds ago. I mean, I'm sure little by little, your secrets would be out. Just like you did it back with your high school mates. And the circle goes on. Fades through time. Your secrets are probably scattered all over the world. So much for being a secret. Maybe its easier to outgrow your circle of friends, but don't lure them into this inner circle. Like what you did to your high school mates. Keep them at pace; these high school mates. They're the one that grew up with you anyway. I'm sure they're willing to see how your garden grows.
If you're against my theory or rather philosophy, or whatever you think I'm trying to sketch here; it's a free country. I didn't know socializing was hard. I thought it was as easy as going to the field and kick balls playing soccer with the neighborhood boys and probably a girl.

Its not the mens' world ; its ours too ladies.

That's all for now dear loyal readers, got to talk to Allah and send him some prayers.

Be merry.

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