Sunday, March 18, 2007

I'm Shakin;

When is the last time you were actually afraid when your mother threat you?

No more outings if you pass this curfew ; grounded.

Let me tell you the differences between you and I;

When your parents screwed up ; you blame them.

Its not the way its suppose to be my dear friend, it will go on forever if it goes like that. No one is to blame. Maybe there is ; but putting the whole world on your parents shoulders is not a wise decision. Because when you tend to blame them, you would screw your life as well. Can't you see how will this be? No ending. You will get lost in this seductive world, you will tend to toast your bad doings to your parents failures. Well look through the thick glass ; if you were in their shoes, you would probably end up worse. Its even worse when you are a parent, I would laugh my bloody ass off if you fail to be a good parent, what more a great one.
Its like eating blizzard ice-cream in the car, and nobody cares about the mess you make.
Not having someone to tell you what not to do, is not the greatest thing at all. Look how the Finches and Augusten Burroughs led their lives. They even made a bloody hole in the kitchen's ceiling for God's sake. It eats you up inside faster than anything else.

OK, you may say its a blank post, and its not worth your bloody precious time reading, since I'm also blank.

If you're proud to be a Malaysian, you ought to read " Honk! If you're a Malaysian" by Lydia Teh. Looses up your tense nerves.

I've spent my hours in Borders, discovering books that great minds have written. Its such a good way to spend your long hours of the day, especially with your other half. When you're out of quarters and cash to purchase books, you spend your day in a bookstore. What more can you ask for? Then it hit me. If you ought to be a writer, an author etc; you've to own a BLOODY GREAT MIND. Let me tell you why, there are TONS of books in the two floors bookstore. That is not even EVERY book in the whole world. And there is a lot of book sections. OK maybe it wouldn't be that bad when you have narrow down the book genre. But, let me ask you; if you're in the Classic section, why would you choose Jane Austen over Charlotte Bronte?

Then, you would say, it all depends on the eye beholder. But let me tell you this; market strategy. You need to give a brilliant synopsis and eye catching book cover. Ignore the phrase ; don't judge a book by its cover. It only works on a great reader. I bet you're only a good one, just like me. Its just how the brain works. These nerves. The whole system. But when you're dealing with a great reader, you need to have a brilliant mind, thoughts, vocab etc. Because the great readers are your asset. They are the ones that would recommend you to the world, generations after generations. Look where Shakespeare is now. Not in his grave. OK maybe he is in his grave, all rot and in ashes form. But look where is he standing in this whole poem/play business. Way up at the top. His name is still among us. Even after the whole Victorian era. Why would you read someone who says "thou love by the book" in this hip and casual era? Then the Malaysians invented Manglish for nothing. You can simply say, "Skema-lah". Why take the whole twisted and complicated way when you can say it with one word? Its the art of it my dear readers.


Always love.

You sat down next to me; like poetry to wine.

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