Friday, March 23, 2007

You, me and everyone else.

It's such a waste.

It's such a waste to know that Malaysians do make good movies but us Malaysians have no chance at all to watch them. Just because it's all about racism, politics etc. You know Malaysia being really sensitive about all these. But it's such a waste like ; Apa khabar orang kampung has been to the Berlin International Awards and even Singaporeans get to watch it, but not us Malaysians. I mean where is the fun in that? We need to support our root. Its like the whole support system. Just like how your receptors detect any changes in your body, and how your hormones cure them. It is all part of being a Malaysian, and it is our 50th anniversary after 1957. In case you're too dumb to be a Malaysian, and you don't event read your sejarah text book religiously, 1957 is the year we gained our independence from the British. I'm not whining about how not blessed I am. I'm just complaining on WHY CAN'T I WATCH GOOD MALAYSIAN MOVIES? Despite Yasmin Ahmad's which is screened in the cinemas. Good movies like the ones that made it to International Screens. That's what I'm talking about. You know like ; The Washing Machine kind of thing? I mean like ; HELLO? Grrr. Not fair-lah! And all we get to watch is the the "good" Malaysian movies like; Ramp-it ( WTF!? ), Chermin ( GOD KNOWS HOW SUCKY ITS GOING TO BE ). Or maybe I'm just not a horror movie kind of a person. I just think its stupid, and it's a waste of make-up. You want to talk about horror kid? Lets talk about the horror stepping into public toilets of Malaysia.

Gila busuk siot.

That's a real life horror.

Lari lah kau lintang pukang dari kejutan yang ditinggalkan oleh orang sebelum kau. Adoi. Parah.

Wish list ; wish list.

I was flipping through the Star, sipping coffee in the morning, reading about the Nation and the world. Pages after pages about elections, George W. Bush etc.


It is so familiar, then I decided to recall what are they. NOW, I WANT THEM! :(


B, I want magic sea-monkeys lah! Later we go buy ok?

Here's to the night ; we felt alive.

You know those dreadful long days that you feel to do nothing but write awfully long long posts that make your readers' eyes pop their way out and make them skip lines. Anyway, as time flies, you would realize my posts are slow just like watching your file transfer bar every second. No posts. Refresh button. No posts. And I think I know why. You know when you have this philosophical buddy to talk to and you just exchange point of views? I think that pretty much is the answer to my lack posts. I've found my long lost philosophical buddy. Its just a thing that we do, chatting about schizophrenics or about how the world is evolving or how and why is it that way? I guess 3 years of philosophical talks and different point of views, it pretty much made me the way I am today. So thank you for the lovely talks ; you know who you are. And we shall continue, for many years to come. Therefore, because all my thoughts are verbally out to my loyal reader-cum-listener, I pretty much don't have anything left for the world.

I have outgrown my words; I feel like just another uninspired blog author. You know the ones that go all hyped out at first, but now, they're just dead.

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