Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Morning Coffee.

For days I haven't exactly been waking up at the crack of dawn ; you know performing my Subuh prayer and all. So I did it with the help of my trusty alarm clock - adikku sayang. Since he was going to school and all ; I figured why not? Because I know myself well ; better than you at least - I wouldn't wake to the sound of my alarm clock after days of eight o'clock rise and shine. And to top it up ; my alarm clock is very annoying. Its called the speaking clock and it goes like this ; "The time is 6.45 ; its time for you to wake up". Corny? Hell yeah.

So anyway, after my prayer, I set my alarm to half and hour later. But as usual, being me, I can't sleep so I basically lay down on the bed ; listing down things to bring to campus next week which somehow the list is all mixed up again in my head. Thinking about my blog . . because it is so out of line with my life. Its not coherent ; get what I mean?

I'm not going to fill you in more about my life. You want to know? Fill your life first dear.


As you know ; malaya genius' latest movie, Mukhsin is based on her first love story. And to go between the lines; read her blog. Mukhsin part 2 ; is so beautifully written.

If you have been following my blog religiously, you would know I once said that love is too vague, too abstract. How would you know that is love? What more your first love?

For most cases, first love happened when you were young. How young is young? Is it 10 like little Orked? Or is it you high school years like the girl in Winter Sonata?

So tell me ; for your case, is it with the boy next door - the one that you play with running around the house when you were 3? And you don't lose sleep over it but he is still plastered at the back of your mind. And yes you do catch up every once in a while, but you just lose the topic to talk about - not like the "when we were young" days.

Or is it when you were turning your path in to the melodramatic world of the adolescents? The one that you spend hours of the night on the phone with, the one that will backfire your philosophy with his and the list goes on. But this, this you lose sleep over it, you travel half way around the world wondering Why. And it is plastered on your mind, in your heart, in your words, thoughts etc. Too in to deep? It is the fact.

You see, now you can probably tell the whole story about my life. Maybe, if you're good enough. But what actually defines first love? Aku tak faham betul dengan dunia ni. Adoi. Too technical is more like it.

Anyhoo ; tell me what do you think please? You should enlighten me with your thoughts because mine are so well mixed like the rojak. Thank you very much.

SHAH ALAM the land of (insert your stereotyping towards Shah Alam here).

I apologize if you're from Shah Alam and you have to read this. I'm sorry that I have stereotyping about your hometown ; I just can't help it. So I've been growing up with the fact that ; Shah Alam is pretty much 99% filled with bumiputera. Nothing against it of course, I'm a bumi anyway. Its just that ; OK better not said here - dangerous field. Next thing you know, when I post my complete thoughts online, I would appear in the front page of your morning papers. And its sad to know that you wouldn't even know about me in the papers because you don't even read the papers. Cheers. So anyway, one more thing about Shah Alam is ; ROUNDABOUTS.

But now, I have one more thing to add into my list of stereotyping. I was at PKNS' Pejabat POS Malaysia, to buy this wang pos for this whole biasiswa thing. Restless; I sat for the minute, then I was standing the next. Only Allah knows how pack the place is ; worse than the sardines in a can I would say. So listening to my mp3, I couldn't care less about the hot juicy gossip the kakak kakak next to me were chatting about. Then there this old, short, FAT man. Not that old, around 40-ish. He came up to me. So I thought he wanted to use the counter as I was leaning against the counter. So I moved. Then he waved a No sign. OK understood PAK CIK. So I leaned against the counter once more.

Then I saw his mouth mumbling . . I pulled my earphones and said ;

"Student ke?"

"Ha ye"


Reality check PAKCIK ; just because I'm in Shah Alam, doesn't mean I go to UITM. Just because its near.

"Tak, NIC."

"Uish jauhnya."

"Ha ye"

"Tengah cuti ke?"


"Ambil apa?"

"American degree program , major in psychology."

"Uish", Imagine a FAT, OLD, SHORT MAN'S shock face.



"By the way, nama siapa?" Offering his hand for mine.

Not to be rude, "respecting" an older dude, suit to be my father I reluctantly held my hand.



Then I told my mom about it. My mom was like, MID LIFE CRISIS. Men and their mid life crisis.

But to me ; I added one more thing to my stereotype list ;
Shah Alam is much much more than the roundabouts and its population.

Stupid pedophiles.


Read the FRONT PAGE of The Star newspaper dated today. Sad thing its not about me. Its about you! LUCKY YOU.

How sorry I feel for these youngsters. They don't have a friend from another race. (You might add this to the subtopic above.) I mean ; COME ON, we LIVE in MALAYSIA. Bodoh, kau tak ada kawan lain bangsa sebab takut kena jangkit penyakit? WTF? Oh my God, if they don't know the values of reciting in Malaysia, might as well you leave for another country.

We Malaysians are one. Its called the Bangsa Malaysia.

Trust me, read your sejarah text book religiously. Bloody good impact for you and the nation.

I rest my case. kcajgnipmuj to be called. =)

"Don't ever change you hungry little bashful hound
I got the sheep, poor little Bo Peep
Has lost and filed for grounds."

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