Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Let me enlighten my faithful readers (which by the way I thought I didn't have any ; mostly are my friends anyway. One way to get connected. ) with my a little bit hectic ( ok maybe as you go on, its not so hectic - not at all).

One thing is for sure ; I got to know when to put semicolons, commas and periods.

To my faithful readers ;

Its true when they said internet is a necessity. However, to my mother's eyes, internet is an addictive thing that keeps her daughter apart from her academics. Maybe her son too, soon. So anyway, I think its partially a necessity. On the other hand, my mother is right at some point. Because apparently, my life revolves around computers. And God knows why. Let me tell you, I wake up at 6 in the morning. Well 15 more minutes to 7 am to be exact. Then I talked to Allah. Then have my shower, make myself a mug of coffee + milk. And voila ; I'm in front of the computer. To certain extend; I think I need to get a life. But you know what? I do have a life. Its just that, I don't watch the boob tube - its another name for the TV in case you are thinking about that certain part. The boob tube name was given to the TV ages ago because it was in a shape of tube. Why boob? I'd have to look that part up. But now, the television sets are so flat you can even write on it. OK maybe not. But you certainly can do ridiculous stunts with your TV set, like Augusten Burroughs and the Finch family - where they watch the tilt TV set in the living room eating Dog biscuits. So anyway, my whole point is, i feel out of touch with the world for the past 3 days since I wasn't in tact with the internet because of the absence of my laptop in campus. Because apparently, I had to study for my finals.

White Lilies Island ;

Finals went pretty OK I guess. I know I screwed my Microeconomics; ECO - 140. Bloody ATC, AVC and AFC. 7 or less of marks are gone. But the MCQ was pretty OK. Why am I telling you this again? Its so irrelevant and you probably don't even care if I ace or flunk it. So anyway, finals are over and that leads to one thing : SCHOOL'S OUT. But how long? I don't even know whether I'm coming back for next semester for ADP. Mama wants me to go Australia instead of the States. Me? States States States! But I don't want to go States half-heartedly. So yeah, I don't know what now? Australia? Foundation in a neighborhood college then to Australia. States? ADP in NIC, 2009 for States? I might just end up in Malaysia for my degree. (ZZZZ) Whatever it is ; MONDAY THE 12TH OF MARCH 2007. So much for an island of white lilies.

OK its 17 minutes to 9am. And I'm going to get myself a chocolate sandwich and read about the Nation and the World. I'll keep you at pace with my thoughts later ; it's to stiff to be flexible right now.

Mr. Blue,
Don't hold your head so low
That you can't see the sky
Mr. Blue,
It ain't so long since you were flying high
Mr. Blue,
I told you that I love you
Please believe me


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