Monday, April 28, 2008

Freedom, freedom!

Baby's little smile.

To my witty-cute-adorable-super noisy niece, Damia Wafa
God I miss you lah budak!
My cousin sister sent a MMS of her daughter's "artistic" drawing.
Pretty much for a 2 year old eh?

I replied, "Freedom of expression kak!"

Sejauh mana hak kebebasan anda untuk meluahkan ekspresi genuine yang meluak-luak di dalam dada anda?

Not so much really.

I mean, you could something so outrageous that make your neighbor chew his own head off or probably laugh like a friggin baboon with fleas up in his ass. Okay, maybe not.

You could even say something so completely absurd, but somehow make total sense to your neighbor.

I mean, hey, freedom of expression kan wei! Who cares what people think? You say it, if they don't like it, then we're not on the same page. Besides, their interpretation might differ. So who gives a fish.

The Perlembagaan stated something about not to say something "sensitive" (Religion, Hak Melayu etc etc.) Dude, FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

Tapi kan, kalau nak di bandingkan dengan the oh-so-great America, things are different I'm afraid.

But again, I'm not so sure about it lah kan, I just read it in this text book I'm suppose to study on it since tomorrow is the paper and all.

Anyways, the American constitution clearly stated on civil rights and the freedom of expression.

The only thing that's different is, here, we could recite doa early in the morning during the queue (okay, I'm not condemning okay, peace peace!) but there, NO BIBLE CITING in public schools.

I remember being in the line in school, following word by word the kid on the balcony reciting the doa.

So, I tak tau lah, maybe its to protect the good of us also. I mean, being so general about agama and all.

I grew up with gila straight thinking, maybe stereotype even, that Islam strictly restrict pergaulan bebas and such. And them, on the other hand, could do whatever they liked. Tak ada agama they say. Well sorry it might offend certain readers.

Anyway, I came to realize, that whoever set that stupid notion is growing up in the wrong idea man. Religions promote, respect. Which means, who cares what the other religion says, respect je ah oh, gila bodoh nak condemn. I swear they're retards.

The flaw here is, how come, there, bible reciting is strictly prohibited whereas here, doa recitals are well, acceptable? But both certainly carry the notion of freedom of expressions in their respective constitutions.

Know what? Maybe I'm just being half empty, I mean, if they could tolerate the doa recitals, there is a beauty in it right? Tolerance.

But on the other hand, what about equality?

SHIT I'm confusing myself again.

Kakak Lucey is right, I've to stop my rojak language.


Roronoa Zoro said...

girl, posting a half naked pic is not cool. there are sick people out there. anyway, she's super kawaii, and her drawing is like super good.

about that freedom of expression, i think its a very subjective matter. we never knew how ppl may react. the whole bible thing, its very delicate.

Jumping Jane. said...

wei, now you're scaring me. i feel guilty!

Wira said...

Although Constitutional Law was probably the most unpopular subject in law school (due to the many critical concepts that it attempts to cover), I completely loved it.

In terms of the freedom of expression in Malaysia, there's simply so much to be discussed that if one really studies the current Federal Constitution of Malaysia, one might find that it's more like a document telling the rakyat what we may NOT do rather than what we may do. Something like:

"You (the rakyat) have the right to do whatever you want, EXCEPT 99% of whatever you want."

You mentioned something about the US Constitution. THAT document, on the other hand, is more like:

"You (the Government) may NOT take away these rights.. bla bla bla"

I wouldn't really compare Malaysia with the US because the history and values of both societies are not quite the same, but I do think our Merdeka Constitution (the original one) was far better than our current Constitution (where extreme amendments were made especially throughout the 80s and 90s).. and I just think that more freedom (of the rakyat) should be welcomed..