Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mr, Policeman, I can't sleep.

It's not every night you get to find Jane could not go to bed. Yes, I sleep early. Religious to me bed time. But it's already 3 in the morning. Another hour, I'd be playing Gwen's 4 in the morning song. Okay kidding.

I can't even read my text book. My mind dah terbang.

I was driving home the other day, in my mother's ride, that made me totally feel like a soccer mom.

The policeman was waving his arms like weed, signaling cars and trucks and motorcycles and buses to make their way. What a sight.

We have traffic lights to indicate our movements.

But yet, we get back to the root. The policeman. Mankind at its best.

Then I past him, on my way to pick my kid brother from school. Every time I passed by him, I smiled at him. Don't ask me why. Perhaps it was my way to say thank you, only he didn't see it. HAHA. Aku rasa bodoh lah pulak.

We have situations in life to indicate our life paths.

But yet, we get back to our molding ground. Think about what the pasts have taught you. We get back to the old days. The good old days. The bad ones even, they turn into good.


Even the technological changes. Like the stupid traffic light that gives a major headache when you drive home during rush hours bring us back to the root, the policeman that waves his arms like weed.

So, where you're standing right now, I guess no matter how you do not want to look behind, I guess it would still be in you.

J.D Salinger, Holden Cauldfield, "Don't start telling someone something. Because when you do, you'd miss everybody."

Something like that lah, my Catcher in The Rye not with me. Jan-without-E. Baca habis cepat. Dah rindu buku tu.


Roronoa Zoro said...

A man's own good breeding is the best security against other people's ill manners.
-Lord Chesterfield


Jumping Jane. said...

You don't sleep do you? Hee.

lala g* said...

naaad ive been thinking alot lately, hmm we should go out and do some cathcing up lah. my mom always tanya pasal kau but i tend to say "tak tahu" and it makes me feel bad. i just want to know how are you, your mom and all. let me know when you're free. bole ajak pa'in skali ! hope you don't mind :)

zj said...

hey nadrah relink me! :)

pinknerd said...

are we talking about moving forward or regression?

you know that thing people say about how dooms day happen? that eventually we'd regress to zaman jahilliah all over again before it ends? something like that.

tanda kecil kot? ;P