Thursday, April 10, 2008

They come they go,

Yes, finally they came to me. You know why? Because, girls get distracted by cute fuzzly stuff.


Shut up, fine I'm a girl. But I just don't get it. I was at the library, and there's this green thing, apparently famous because of a movie, to me, I find the green annoying.

I wanted to post the picture up so that you can agree with me it's annoying. But uh, malas. So anyways, the girls went.. "Eee. So Cute!" Wait, just for the record I have nothing against this. I do that at times too. I just don't understand why.

Because when a guy goes.. "Eee. So Cute!" at a fuzzly wuzzly (how annoying is fuzzly wuzzly?) toy, he'll be labeled. Wow.

You know this thing, is actually that CJ-7 annoyingly green creature that is suppose to be a key-chain. Uh. And I not saw only one. But almost TEN freaking green lifeless creatures hanging from bags, tote, phones everywhere. DO YOU KNOW HOW BUGGED I AM?

And to top it up, a college mate's thumbdrive is actually the tongue of her "cute" annoying puppy. Yes, all I said was, "They come in different sizes now huh?"

OMG. How inconvenient to carry a bloody puppy keychain just because your stupid files are in the puppy's tongue?

Imagine you're at a printing shop to print your assignments and what not. And you see a puppy, sticking its tongue at a USB port. It'll just ruin my day man. I swear.
What is wrong with the world man!

And I sound nothing like a fool complaining about this.



crux said...

i assume u havent watched the movie huh?

being a stephen chow fan myself, the movie for me was okay, not the usual chow shin chi funny all the way, but a bit funny here and there...

and yeah, i agree that th cj7 is cute, and maybe i'd buy that damn thing...but a thumbdrive??haiyoh...

nice setup u have here bdw...

ahmad rejaie arbee

pinknerd said...

haha, i hate that cute green thing too. :)

btw, i was the anon before. decided to stop being a anon, too lazy.

Roronoa Zoro said...

when i see cute animals, i want to deep fry it with love.

content said...

deep fry it with love? lol! that's one cool idea! :D