Thursday, April 10, 2008

Red, Blue and White Stars.

Oh God, do you know how hard is it to let a topic choose you? Well thats what some people say, a topic always chooses the writer. But I'm done waiting. I've seen my counter rising day to day, God. These people must be angry, haha.

So anyway, nothing much really. Been doing all those researches for some Mock Debate we had, and it was on politics. Yeah, all the economy and all. And it was not you average daily paper politics where you can still see they writing articles on Malaysia's politics and all, I mean, like that's the only thing we've to worry. Oh wait, now my mind is protesting.

It was on America's politics, and I was the G* Republican.

And you know what? I came to realize, they're not as bad. Maybe a little from the national security aspect.

I mean, most of the people I stumbled upon here go all "Democrats" and all. It's as if, they're voting against George Bush only because he sent troops to Iraq and all. OKAY FINE. It is inhumane and all, but well, for the coming election, that does not mean McCain would do the same?

The donkeys and elephants platforms are opposing each other.

More like the republicans are very conservative and all. But I guess it's good for the people as well. Remember when I said about changes and how people often get uptight about it? It's kinda like the same, they just stick to traditions. And maybe in a way, not willing to take risks for a change.

They don't support stem-cell research and all that embryo cloning thing. They don't support homosexual marriages. I mean, yes, I know at some point they're all "we have our own freedom of speech, freedom of religion" thing going on. And when they commit homosexual marriages, meaning, they don't believe in God.

So I guess in a way, Democrats is a very "up-to-date" party in a way that they support homosexual marriages. Higher taxes for people which really contradicts the Republicans' platform.

Generally, I think Republican is a stereotyped party. And Democrat, looks creamy on the outside.

But who cares about politics anyway? I know I don't - but don't sue me for this post. I'm really going through some "topic" crisis here.

And we lost anyway.


Anonymous said...

Dah kalah tue kalah je ar..
Geletek nanti baru tau. hahaha

content said...

Mock Debate? Cool!

I never did any of those during my univ. days...Ya know, i was the type who 'dok belakang, bila cikgu/lecturer minta volunteer terus buat2 pandang kat lain', so never really got involved with those debating stuff...