Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I am Muslim, too!

Are you kidding me?
This book would distract me from my textbooks, hence, my finals!

Okay okay, belajar.


Oh Snap ! said...

Oh Snappp :)

Just open! pretty & affordable. do visit! ;)


pinknerd said...

i've read better books, but yeah, this one's pretty good. :) but some parts, i don't necessarily agree. very liberal point of view, nothing new.

Jumping Jane. said...

Haha, best! So what kind of books do you read? Share share!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jane,

IMHO, I think it was not even a book in the sense that you sit down and write continuously on an idea, but rather it was an anthology written over two years. With ideas stolen from friends and foes.

pinknerd said...

hmm.. i read books mostly based on religion and politics. storybooks rarely- only when i'm bored :P

btw, otak dah jam. i don't think you'd like the one on politics, am currently reading richard dawkins' the god delusion (which i take forever to finish!)you can try THAT, but frankly, that book pisses me off. it's interesting in a sense that you can tell how he's so inspired by charles darwin which btw, is another moron. and in his cynical though well-versed ways (i'm not saying he's completely dumb on the subject, he obviously knows what he's saying and he has scholarly facts etc but i feel he's one cocky nuthead who, looking from a different angle, doesn't know half the things he talks about.) he had this long something he wrote which sorta cleared it up for me. yes, i think he should find a pothole and flush his head in it.

darwin and dawkins. together they pull up some psycho theory on all things godless. yawn.

pinknerd said...

btw, what that anon -who i assumed would be jack, said, agreed.

if you're a practising muslim and yet a modern liberal thinking youth, dina zaman simply echoes things that are already in your common values, your way of thinking, your life, your principles -or whatever. it'd sting the conscience of.. muslims yang ingat tuhan only when life screws up on them, but it's not that inspirational where youth (me, if i say so myself) come from.

it tickles me cos it's witty and she has interesting stories to tell (although i suspect they're rip offs) but thats all its about: a fun read with some religious sentiments here and there. if you're seeking for a more valid point of view which i am, it's nothing profound.

i,sina said...

Hehhee. anon was me. :) Sorry tak sempat nak sign in semalam.

Jumping Jane. said...

Haha, i thought so. Wouldn't be Jack pinknerd, at least not the Jack i used to refer to. Lol.

pinknerd said...

hehe, my bad. :D