Sunday, October 19, 2008

Arahan dan tanggungjawab bersama,

I am asked to promote a blog. Well not just any blog, it's one of my classes' project. Now, I know I don't usually promote things and what not, but this time, I guess I share the responsibility as well.

Jane's Effective Listening Class' project: YOUTH BEATS.

If you're one of the readers that are nearby, well drop by.
Because a) You get to see Jane. b) You get to figure who gave those brilliant (ridiculous) ideas.

Just click the link, okay.


Che Eduardo said...


Think tank dept?! Not badlah..


Jumping Jane. said...

Haha, saya cadangkan tu. Malas nak buat kerja fizikal.

Datang ah Che, we can finally meet! (Okay, saya jarang membuat promosi, sebab saya malas).

Datang je wei, awesome okay.

Che Eduardo said...

I'm tua bangka already.. Really.. Calling myself a youth would be a shame..

Che: Always another time..

pinknerd said...

now this sounds fun.... jeng jeng jeng

mchllchn said...

If I am not tired after school these few days, I'll come over. Since... I'm just across the road. :) :)

phantom said...

If i was a youth, Pak Lah would be a primary school boy trying to manage the country.
Anyway see u on 15 Nov?

Jumping Jane. said...

aku nak kau datang, ur coursemate - my friend (she who shall not be named here, because she doesn't like it) wants me to invite u. SO PLEASE DATANG. nak beli tic, better tell me! pronto!

same goes to you. wanna come, tell me first so i can buy tickets. invite ur friends as well. and, bukan spm ke?

see you on the 15th! (i'm serious)

pinknerd said...

this phantom commented on my blog, who that?

anddddd.... when is it again?