Thursday, October 30, 2008

Indulge the beats, sistah!

Instant Text Messaging:
A: "Nad woot"
Jane: "Mari headbang mildly sambil type assignment"
A: "Aha marii."

Shut up. I'm seeking the meaning of life, minus psychology.

Instant Text Messaging 2:
A: Kau dengar lagu Am I Wry?
Jane: BEST GILA. Farrah, now that we're here, can you tell me? Exactly howww I should have done.
A: Hebat gla lagu dye doh. Wooh wooh. Xkan blue light x stuck lg? Kau kena tgk OC.
Jane: Oc Seth je!! Yer later aku lekat kan. Dan guitar lagu am I wry ENERGETIC. Menari jom.
A: Jom. eventho i dnt really knw hw to
Jane: Kau ingat aku tau ke

I told you, we're both bored.
We're wasting our 1 cents on Text Messaging. We're both lonesome and we're both dating our own iPods.

Oh tell me something that is more to life.


Che Eduardo said...


Sorry for the psycho email the other day ok..


kinteruvoid said...

wow 1 cent. i forgot it was that cheap. damn!