Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Dynamics,

It has always been revolving around love.

Well, some like most who are involved in intimate relationships, believe that 'true love' exists. Despite rowdy manners and whatever that contradicts the sweet and idealistic texture of love. No doubt, these rowdy manners help us grow. But too much is simply, too much. Then again, they are in love, who really cares? They believe in mystical miracle.

Really then, love is blind.

It becomes poorer if one fails to see that too much is too much, and only sees that too little is much. Of course, the dynamics of love work miraculously and sometimes, confusingly. Most of the time, even. But who am I to judge these dynamics eh? In fact, even Dr. Love is not 100% accurate. Or even that fortune-teller, or astrologists.

The best things in life are wonderful when one works along with the dynamics, and be content with the dynamics. Meaning, when they have understand the bits and pieces of these dynamics and know how to act moderately, not polarized to one end.

For example, in a relationship (not only intimate ones mind you) a party can be clingy as hell that makes you suffocate for your own solitude. But hey, you sacrifice your solitude or your 'me time' as those acts would only frustrate the other party. You don't reply the other text messages, calls, and boom, an argument rises.

See how polarized this is? Ideally, love promotes togetherness yes, but at the same time it preaches us to be autonomous, to be independent but also dependent of each other at the same time. Just because you are together, does not mean you do not have your own life to run.

And this is why I love my friends for. They frustrate with my 'right' choices and when I come to my senses, they would laugh and said, 'I told you so'. They speak of their perception, and not dictate me with their perceptions, because they let me grow on my own. They do not monitor and track me 24/7 because they trust my doings in my daily routines.

They let me take a walk on my own, but at the same time they allow me to ride on their backs.

It is sad how people tend mix the essence of love and being possessive of each other. Polarizing the relationship to an extreme end. Again, moderate paced of things are always the best way to live.

Since my friends are beautiful people, I guess all Jane needs now is a beautiful, particular person that has moderate pace in his life. Ah, someone who penetrates through the heart, and aids the head. So that these two languages are at the moderate volume.

* Saya sayang Makcik 2, Moron 1 dan Flabs.


Che Eduardo said...

Dynamics.. Well I guess it's important..

aewan6 said...

working things out to climb up and out of the polarization..

it sucks in here, no echo, no europa..

Jumping Jane. said...

Che, you tell me! Cough, cough. Perkembangan terbaru? :P

Aewan, ah it takes time, it takes time. As long as there's love, then its okay.. things will work through eventually.

Anonymous said...

makchik one...kamu buat buat saya rasa terharu yang amat X)

dan juga, suatu phasa yang agak baru.

Jumping Jane. said...

wah makcik two, advanced kamu yer meninggalkan komen di sini? ha ha ha. ampun maaf di pinta.

faz. said...

sayang you too, jane! :)

Jumping Jane. said...

somehow komen sounds like romen. wtf.

faz, :) sama sama cintaku tidak bertepuk sebelah tangan.

Anonymous said...

well, love IS blind.. make that double bold.. so much from a girl who fell in love with a stranger..

its ok till u have tis compulsive addiction towards your spouse.. some of us still have our social lives, its just that it gets way too complicated for other man - made penetration..


Jumping Jane. said...

hey goddess,
sorry for the misunderstanding at che's blog. haha.

but its okay, 'a girl who fell in love with a stranger', that happens now and then, no worries. :)