Friday, October 10, 2008


Biasa lah, kami semua nak tunjuk kasut (selipar)
baru kami. So tahu kah anda mana Jane punya?

I've never had sisters, be it a younger or an elder one. Sometimes I envy my girlfriends who are able to share clothes, shoes or boy talks with their sisters. The closest I had of an elder sister figure were my dearest cousins, whom by now, have their own kids to nurture. However, I do have my closed girlfriends. Flabs, Mak cik 2, Moron 1.

Kita sama-sama akan menjelajahi dunia.
Saya sayangi kamu semua, kamu harus tahu.


Che Eduardo said...

My best friend is my sis.. Don't share her clothes, shoes but I shop with her.. And no I don't tell her about the girls in my life..

Che: I'm guessing the green slippers..

Jumping Jane. said...

Pandainya Che!! Lagi-lagi you don't know me in person!! :)

Any specific reason?

Che Eduardo said...

Pink - too Gaudi for a rebel..

The other - feminine type, well coloured toe nails..

Slippers - Carefree, rebel against the system..

Che: How did I do?

Jumping Jane. said...

HAHA, my kawan (with pink) would go crazy if she reads that. Cause she said she's not turning 'girly', but we all secretly think she's in denial! Haha.

Che, thank you. Maybe that is why there are few of 'fancy' footgears of mine tak pakai sangat. Kudos!

P/s: saya tak rebelious lah. Rebel ke?

Che Eduardo said...

We are all children of Guevaraan rebelism..


Anonymous said...

you are not alone. :)

uh and let me guess, you punya slippar? hihi.


Anonymous said...

those shoes are NOT pink!!

Jumping Jane. said...