Thursday, October 09, 2008

One of the many (few).

A recent comment on one of my old post entitled, Live Forever.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Live forever.":

On a beautiful morning after a cup of coffee i decided to take a stroll to the city and came across advertisements that really caught my attention. it was literally about self esteem and boost of confidence for people that are going through an inferiority phase. now this is my take on this..

"Don't buy into that advertisement on what they say what people should look like. There are 6.5 billion people in the world and there are only about 20 supermodels, so they are the freaks, they are the ones that don't look normal."

The things i accidentally realize.

Jumpingjane would like to say,

"Anon, being put in the inferiority phase, then I guess it does make sense.
Heck, you are right! I mean, being in a so-called 'rut', one might see those supermodels as
'all-that', living in the fast-lane kinda thing.

But as you said, there are only 20 supermodels in the world, against 6.5 billion of people like us.
As you said, they are the ones that don't look normal.

Haha, but looking not normal isn't all that bad kan? I mean, being taken that there are only like 20 supermodels (okay, take other examples like, maybe only several Noble prize winner), well, if it was me, I would question myself, Why, can they be one of the few, and I on the other hand, am in the flock? Conforming to the mundane norms? I mean, well, maybe to me being one of the few gives me 'a closer' meaning of life. But then again, it all boils down to your pragmatic truth and your definitions aye?

Be merry, have a nice day! Oh, cheer up!"

See how two of these comments have different approaches to look at one thing? It's beautiful that a human mind is able to take a similar subject, and mingle with it from varied angles.

So, would you like to be one of the 6.5 billion people, or one of the 20 people?


Che Eduardo said...

One of the twenty..

Because we may loath them; despise them; hate them.. yet we aspire to be them.. We wish an inch of us looked like them. We wish we could win a Nobel; an Oscar; a World Cup; an Olympic Gold Medal..

The truth is we're never happy being normal; we always want to be different..

Che: Nice to know you survived cognitive.. or whatever that supposed to be..

phantom said...

I would like to be one of the 20 with bigger boobs

mchllchn said...

One of the twenty, with the most storytelling lives. :)

Jumping Jane. said...

Sorry folks,
as much as we WANT to be one of the twenty, we are still one of the 6.5billion people.

Gotta work hard to be one of the twenty! :)

Dan phantom, bahahaha bigger boobs can differ tits and acne! :P