Saturday, October 25, 2008

Better in time.

Phases of life are often hard to adapt to, I know most of my phases were pretty hard to adapt to. But gradually, you embrace them. Gradually, it gets better in time.

I met a boy 7 years ago, and we were closed friends. We'd go to watch movies together, and I would accompany him whenever he fled school. Budak baru masuk sekolah menengah, ponteng sekolah cool apa? But gradually, we grew apart. Naturally, like most friendships grew distant when the other has this little 'intimate relationship' going on, we grew apart.

I didn't get to hear stories of how he fell in love although 7 years ago, I knew he was kinda like my best buddy. I wasn't really there when he went through one of the darkest chapters in his life. I turned a deaf ear.

Today, after many distant, quiet gaps, I met him over coffee. And I saw a boy I once knew, growing into a guy I hardly even know. He's in love. Clearly, I have been missing for a long time. And because of what? Because of this little thing called, 'love'.

Like seasons, phases come and go. Sometimes the people you were with a couple years ago appear back after much silence. The beautiful part about this is how they are able to put the past behind, and accept you for who you are. Kawan, aku sayang kau weh.

When asked, "How would you know you're in love?"

He simply answered, "When you wanna be with a specific someone every single minute you can and nthg else matters."

I never thought he would be the person who would fall in love and stay in love for long. I must say, I am proud of you. I am sorry though that I did not get to be there from the start. But I am here you know, just like old times.

It is funny how love is always the primary essence in life - the one that would bring people together, and also the one that would make people grow apart. Gradually, it gets better in time. Because naturally, people grow from it.

But if you ask me, how would you know if you're in love?

I would say, "Your head completely shuts off and your heart speaks a million languages, amplified at the maximum volume. The logic of love does not imply, you risk because you know what you feel matters more than of what you think."


*Berapa orang dah aku cakap aku sayang mereka dalam blog ni?


Che Eduardo said...


To be honest, I've never used that word in my love. But here I am practically living on it now. From the first good morning sms to the midnight kiss goodbye phone call, the word keeps flashing back and forward.

How do you know you're in love? Well, I guess waking up at 3 in the morning and thinking about that special someone. Up to today, even the slightest of rain makes me think of her. It's crazy but we're reading each others mind now.

Blissful and happiness one moment; and the realities of inter-racial love the next moment.

Che: Sheer exhilaration..

Che Eduardo said...

Bloody hell..

My first line was suppose to go like "... I've never used that word in my LIFE and I typed LOVE instead..

Jane, you know that you're in love when things like this happen..

Che: Bless me Lord..

pinknerd said...

when you stop saying "i THINK i'm in love with him."

Jumping Jane. said...

Che, Haha! I know, the first I read it also I was like, "Adoi, mamat ni dah angau sangat dah ni". Waking up 3 in the morning and you think of that person, is considered to in love? Haha! Bless you Che! Selamat Diwali Che.

Pink, aku tau lah. And I know you ARE, but you're such an egoist at times! Have you gotten your heart back Dear Jat? :P

Jumping Jane. said...

*the first time I read.

Adoi Che, see dah terikut-ikut like you

pinknerd said...

tak tau! tak mau tau. tak ingin nak tau.

i miss him sikittttttt. tapi takpe, aku ngantuk.

kinteruvoid said...

o find it amazing how people have opinions about this (love). we try to give it meaning but it's just sensory overload, unexplainable. i wouldn't even try.

Jumping Jane. said...

told you! see, ego ego! haha, don't bash me up for this sista!

uhuh! that's what i thought. everyone's definitions on 'how to know you've fallen in love' differs. but that's that. as long as you believe in it, and that's how you would define it. there isn't an absolute, universal answer to it.

you wouldn't even try, belum jatuh cinta kah? :P

kinteruvoid said...

well, i guess i have. but still, it is difficult to define. that's why i wont try. i've gotta say i'm impressed with people who try to reach out for answers. gempak ar.