Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pinknerd said Jane sounded depressed, am I?

I am an Idealists, hence I respect idealistic entities. Nazism however, wants complete, absolute power. But I somehow think that they're just victims of circumstances - the Germans' norms and traditions. It is not entirely their fault, those inhumane acts.

Now tell me, do we break from our norms and traditions if they were to do us harm? Consistency in your beliefs or adaptations to the currency?

Fikir ah, malas. My workload is like the shizzit'.
Kill me.


kinteruvoid said...

i'm an idealist myself. its dangerous when you combine that with naivety.

1. if breaking from tradition do us harm. then probably better not. but then again, 'harm' is quite subjective.

2. i dont get this question.

3. i've checked them out and turns out i know of them. actually, i know of their respective bands though clearly i'm not an avid fan.

Jumping Jane. said...

Well, in you're consistent with your beliefs (from middle age to 1800 to Bismarck), much like the Germans, you would possibly follow what the leader would say. Even if it means the leader is Adolf Hitler.

And if you adapt to the current events, you would adapt to modern liberalization, instead of submitting yourself to the government.

Tak tau lah, just a random Q in my mind although I pretty much know there are much more factors involved.

3. Heh. So what kind of music you listen to?

kinteruvoid said...

2. ok, i'm totally lost so i won't even bother to comment on this. =)

3. i used to pass through a metal phase. there was a time when folk like cat stevens was all that i listened too. and also stuff in the middle sometimes like the shins, thirteen senses and a a few other random things. i'm not very up to date.

Jumping Jane. said...

2. Haha, don't even ask me, it's my feature article, and I'm so caught up with it. =P

3. The Shins rocks my socks. So hey.