Saturday, August 16, 2008

Because RPK made me thought:

Christian is based on the Trinity concept. Three different entities, but one substance.

The Government is based on a trio concept. Three different bodies: Legislature, Executive and Judicial and they have one foundation: politics.

Is it right? Or the Judicial branch is an independent branch? Or they claim to be. Like the United Nation? Ah, questions questions.


pinknerd said...

supposedly independent -now compromised. biasalah tu.

Che Eduardo said...

Ms. Jumpingjane,

Separation of powers is a theory; which in reality is impossible to achieve unless you take the humans out of the equation and replace them with machines.. But the again, Wall.E proves that even robots may have emotions..

We could do with a clearer separation of functions and personnel. That it inself would be a good step..

Che: Nice knowing you thru Senorita Roca..

Jumping Jane. said...

Che, haha terima kasih, And I have not watched Wall E! Sigh.

And yes nice knowing you too!