Thursday, August 14, 2008


I have this problem, I want to write, yes. But I'm so damn malas and it seems so nice to lie down and fall asleep.

Nonetheless, I am going to write because it has been a good day, wait let me rephrase that; a one hell of a great day. From morning which last term finals' results were the highlight, to afternoon ehem, hanging out with my tiny friend companied by talks, and more talks. And when darkness comes, it was Lee Chong Wei who made it to Badminton Finals in Olympics. I love LCW! :)

So basically, I was watching the Olympics game throughout the week because I have nothing better to do and yes watching talented athletes jumping, swirling with their er beautiful bodies? Eye candy sahaja. And Allah S.W.T would punish me for my sins, Alhamdulillah it is not during Ramadhan. Ha ha, joke dear readers.

"The human mind is our greatest enemy/friend"

It is like approaching your glass, half-empty or half-full. You see, yes your mind could be the biggest threat, provided if you listen much to your mind.

Philosophers have been debating about this ancient issue on mind-body as they can't really prove what is the Mind. It is not exactly situated in your brain now does it? Because the human brain is consist of the nervous system and all that scientific, physical components. Yes, the brain can be very much proven by all these physical stuffs. Through experiments and all.

But the mind? Ah, the mind. It controls your beliefs, perceptions, desires and the like. So basically the mind is very much abstract and vague. I mean, how else can you prove the existence of your mind? What and where exactly is your mind? It is almost like trying to prove the existence of God - minus the dandy, supernatural miracles.

Why then is your own mind can be your greatest enemy?

You see, when I was sitting for my PMR I didn't want to be near my closed friends listening to them reading and questioning each other on whatever possible facts they could remember. Tell you the truth, it kills me. Let's put it this way, I was battling with my mind, it is very hard to maintain that mind stability. One second it can bring you on top of the world saying you can mighty do it, but the next second, it might say, don't be too over-confident, because you might just fall. So tell me, where the hell should I stand then?

Then SPM came, this was easier than I thought - minus the day before B.M papers start. I was freaking myself out. "I can't bloody do B.M and Komsas! Shit! What the hell I am suppose to memorize again?" The rest went through quite well as I occupied myself with my trusty reference books yang penuh dengan highlights dan contengan dan koyak sana-sini. God I miss SPM.

Point here is that, to maintain your mind stability is the greatest strength one can achieve. I mean, it takes a whole lot of energy to make sure your mind does not pull you down in the rut or does not push you waaay on top of the world. Where's the sense in that? Bak kata Rasulullah S.A.W; "live in moderate".

Despite watching men in their beautiful bodies curving and swirling,punching the air of joyous glory; I thought to myself, it takes more than their well-skilled and well-versed routine techniques. These men (and female athletes) have to have a bloody hell of a strong mind!

We're not talking about PMR or SPM here friend. We're talking about the Olympics! Do you have any idea how hard it is to get to the Olympics? And being humans, that particular thought could crumble one down. You see, you sit there after you have done your part. Watch other athletes strut and fret their routines, and you thought to yourself, this person is kinda good. Oh and guess what? So is the next few. And then you see the rankings: You are below the top 10.

And then the next athlete fell, disrupting his routine. But he got up, to finish his routine anyway. Determination. But what can you really tell what is going on his mind? He might just think, "I started it, I have to finish it" - this my friend, is not only a positive statement, it can also be a negative one. Because you see, he might just want to finish it, just for the sake of finishing it.

Catch my drift?

In Individual Gymnastics, all I see is that heated mind-raging battle. One athlete falls, the crowd cheered for encouragement. Other athletes might feel confident and think, "oh good, my chances are getting higher" or he could also think, "oh shitt! what if I do the same thing?". You see.

And the other thing that ached me was when the crowd was cheering for the Chinese athlete whom by the way won gold when the other foreigner athletes were reciting their routine, I wonder, does that gymnast who is reciting his routine hear the ballistic, outrageous cheer for that Chinese gymnast? And did that roaring cheer kill that particular performing gymnast's focus and hence, the mental stability?

If I were one of these athletes trying to make my country proud, I would just close my eyes and listen to my iPod and only open my eyes when I feel confident enough. I don't want to disrupt my mind! Think I would give good advices like above if I was a Sports Psychologist? HA HA. Not. Bayar mahal-mahal, psikologis aku cakap, dengar ipod tutup mata. Bodoh tak bodoh?

Mental stability dear reader, is one of the thing we should be aiming for.

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