Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Live forever.


But now no, the bigger question for trendy kids nowadays is abnormal. Unique. The trend to be normal has losses its value, and hence, the currency of being unique, and out of the norm is well, more "normal", more "outstanding", and such. But really, who could blame them? I mean sure, you can list down all those music genre hype, the physical layer of a soul, but you can't really tell what are they really like until you really hear them talk.

By talks, I'm not saying the usual, WHAT type of music you listen to, WHAT kind of country would you prefer and such. The bigger question here is, WHY. WHY you listen to the music you listen to? WHY do you think Andy Warhol had make the art revolution? WHY do you think that your faiths and beliefs are the right one for you? WHY, not WHAT. Because WHAT, one can simply say it. When you give them a bigger picture to paint with the WHY questions, you might just probably see their "uniqueness" or "abnormalities" fade out. Anybody can say, "Oh yeah, I enjoy the theater too".

But not just anyone can say, "Well, I think in performing arts, it all revolves around the actors on stage. Minus the fact that we are all actors on the stage, strutting and fretting our hours upon the stage, but that's a whole different story. In life we leave rooms for mistakes, we correct from wrongs, no? In movies, rooms for mistakes are more spacious than life, and what more, in theater..."


But that's not the whole point. The point here is, the norms. The urge to be different, but yet normal.

Yes, kids today tend to be more unique, more up to date, more "larger than life". But I am deeply sorry to disappoint you, it is so much more than your usual urges for designer goods, the indie music you listen to, the indie labels you shop, the indie self-made labels. Or that over-rated mass communication, art or psychology-comm degrees. It is what boils in you.

I mean, why? Not what?

Humans are weird, they urge to be different but yet still normal.

You see, accompanied with my solitude in a rowdy crowd of the usual "weekend gateway", I was wondering.. Yes these people have families. Yes they have beautiful children. I mean isn't that the norm? People want beautiful children. People want cute, witty and adorable babies despite wanting to be different. This is probably one of the essences of wanting to be normal. I guess its also probably driven by the narcissistic generation.

But what happens when the child a mother carries for whole nine months have a little defect in their kariotip? Hence, could probably be a down's syndrome child, or have that extra X trait in the kariotip? Pardon me, please don't take this in a wrong turn, it's not like I look down upon these people, it's just well, the norms says it's not normal. So yes, what happens when your child turns out not as "beautiful" as you expected? Your infant does not have that nice mixture of your traits after all.

Or probably your child ends up being Autistic or something. I mean, yes Autistic kids are very beautiful, insightful and such. But growing in a narcissistic generation, it doesn't really help much now does it? You want to be creme de la creme. Or rather you have to be creme de la creme.

Situation 2. Suppose that you're hitched to the man of your life. Financially stable and all, what more can you ask for? Beautiful kids, a career, a nice house.. I mean, what more can a regular woman asks for? (Minus the whole philosophical aspect, i.e. Religion, Self-Actualization, etc.) That's what a normal circle of life should be. Infancy, childhood, adolescence, young adult, adult.. Marry, work, kids. That's probably the foundation, and normal route in life. But tell me, what happen if out of the blue, your normal life crumbles?

Your husband met a tragic accident, losses almost all of his capabilities to support your family. Basically malfunction. Do you stay and be with you dear man of your life, or do you feel lonely when the time comes? Be strong and stay, or be strong and leave? The urge to stay for family and husband or leave for self?

Or what if on your 12th wedding anniversary, right before the big dinner with your lovely spouse, the morning you were diagnosed with the second stage of cancer? It's not normal now is it? You question your doings in life. You've been an acceptable citizen, you perform your prayers now and then, you don't vote or side a corrupted politician, but you can't lead that normal route of life after all.

What happens if your life route changes out of the norm?

Conversations that I usually experience are the usual WHAT. But WHY? Ah, that takes an intellectually provoked extinct being of the testosterone driven being. Yes, just talking can be fun. But you know..

Yes Pink, mission failed. Not a single word, a glance even. Tak nampak bayang pun lah basically. Ha ha.

"Maybe I will never be, all the things that I want to be. But now is not the time to cry, now is the time to find out why. I think you're the same as me, we see things they'll never see.
You and I are gonna live forever."
Live forever, O.


pinknerd said...


well, it's not necessary to see him physically, i'm sure angin-angin bayu dah membawa presence si dia kepada si kamu. if one of your 5 senses fail you, use the remaining 4. that's all i'm saying. ;)


we had this being-different talk. like i said before, unique is the new typical.

let's be typical now; simply because everyone wants to be different. back to basics, jumpingjane.

back to basics.

mchllchn said...

hi nad !! :D :D

Jumping Jane. said...

pink, shhhh! not so loud! hahaha.

mchllchn, hello! so your pc is okay already! :)

zj said...

i LOVE this post. shall quote you in my post anytime soon. too good to be missed.

hi nad :D

Jumping Jane. said...

haha thanks zj.. and hi too! AND go on your last.fm already and add me! :P

content said...

Ahh, Oasis... :)

Jumping Jane. said...

apa jadi dengan your blog? ishhh!!

Anonymous said...

test test

Anonymous said...

On a beautiful morning after a cup of coffee i decided to take a stroll to the city and came across advertisements that really caught my attention. it was literally about self esteem and boost of confidence for people that are going through an inferiority phase. now this is my take on this..

"Don't buy into that advertisement on what they say what people should look like. There are 6.5 billion people in the world and there are only about 20 supermodels, so they are the freaks, they are the ones that don't look normal."

The things i accidentally realize.

Jumping Jane. said...

Anon, being put in the inferiority phase, then I guess it does make sense. Heck, you are right! I mean, being in a so-called 'rut', one might see those supermodels as 'all-that', living in the fast-lane kinda thing.

But as you said, there are only 20 supermodels in the world, against 6.5 billion of people like us.

As you said, they are the ones that don't look normal.

Haha, but looking not normal isn't all that bad kan? I mean, being taken that there are only like 20 supermodels (okay, take other examples like, maybe only several Noble prize winner), well, if it was me, I would question myself, Why, can they be one of the few, and I on the other hand, am in the flock? Conforming to the mundane norms? I mean, well, maybe to me being one of the few gives me 'a closer' meaning of life. But then again, it all boils down to your pragmatic truth and your definitions aye?

Be merry, have a nice day! Oh, cheer up!