Sunday, August 24, 2008

Play ball.

Maybe it was Olympics, or it was Wimbledon. Or Papa's old habit of tennis, or even the 8-year-old tennis playing girl inside of me. But yes, 11 years later, I have this sudden urge to play tennis again.

I want to play tennis! I left my trusty tennis racket at my old place, which I bet it's not there anymore. So yes, I think I should go get myself a new one and balls! My god, I want to play tennis. And reading the papers today isn't helping either because it says..

"...Ezam Mohd Nor and Datuk Nallakaruppan, better known as Anwar's former tennis partner.."
Tan, Joceline. Battle get nastier as polls near. Sunday Star. Aug 24th, 2008.

So siapa nak jadi "tennis partner" Jane?


Anonymous said...

Jan mahu. Kite pergi 3k ye? hee. and phony is not invited.

Jumping Jane. said...

Bodoh lah you Jan! JOM, tak ada tennis racket! You ada ke? ada 2?? I nak main tennis wehhh!!

And memang tak ah kalau phony ada.