Monday, August 11, 2008

Not really diving beneath the surface,

Watching yummy male swimmers in their trunks, diving are well, seducing? Purr! Ha ha. Oh Blake A_____ from The Great Britain. Oh my god, very cute and young. But of course, like most, they don't come in packages. He had a very pleasant look, but he wasn't that good of a diver. But hey, good enough to make it to the Olympics!

So anyway, I'm not going to talk bull on their good looks, tight abs and all that.

China won the synchronize diving.

China won, beating the United States of America who are the leading divers as what the commentator had said. And correct me if I'm wrong, China won Gold at Athens four years back.

Watching them from the upper most platform, the norm is one of the team member would said some sort of an agreement, "Ready? 1..2..3.. JUMP!" or "Uno Duo Tres.. Jump!" and of they go, flipping, circling, and splassshhhh! But then after accommodating to the norm, ranks, then I realized China was leading, rank 1 - since the beginning.

I didn't watch from the beginning, so basically it took time to absorb the information. And I knew I had to see how good is the Chinese duo. And then it was their turn, the final jump and they were one of the last to dive.

Then the most beautiful thing happened, if I'm not mistaken, I heard two voices counting at once. Equality, team, synchronize.

And right then, I knew I had some sort of a proof to the theory I drew in my head minutes earlier on why the Chinese divers are leading.

China is a collectivist country.

P/S: WTH is "mnrk" in BM? Apparently its "menarik". WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? Dah ada papan kekunci, taip je ah, nak pendek-pendek lagi. RETARDED ke apa?


faz said...

ohh mnrk is still obvious wht it actually stands for. here, i learn executive note taking, the bm is already kinda hard, the english is worse!

in english, hv to write in itallic.
I c pla r nic tun f u. r tun s esy. l u sta, r l u go? I mit fly hom. My ag s 19; r u 19? s I tol u, he s 22.

go figure! lol.

pinknerd said...

oh how my heart wants to watch the olympics despite my busy schedule.

sob, sob.