Sunday, August 03, 2008

Money, one man's poison, Jane's cry for help.

What's in a bill note?

I know I sound so stupid to be you know all emotional and tied down with the whole money madness. Even the economy is bad. Even the petrol price is sky high sans the 1st September hype about lowering the petrol price. Basically, the cost of living is increasing by the day. Just the other day, mother was saying that the Enfagrow or was it er Snow-T powder milk costs up to Rm60++ today and back during her kids were infants, they only cost Rm20++.

From the textbooks I've learned that little beads used to signify one's status quo, used to be a symbol of one's greatness. And if I'm not mistaken and correct me if I'm wrong, it used to be er money or some sort? Then came the coins back during the Greek era and it grew from there. Who could forget the inflation due to excessive circulation of Duit Pokok Pisang? Foolish Japs. But then, tis' was ages ago. Japanese Yen have ever since has possessed one of the highest currency rate. But now, it's these paper notes you have. Darn these paper notes.

Think about it, even a primary relationship that consists of two interdependent partners could argue about this whole divisions in the financial department. Even siblings could greed over their deceased parents' inheritance.

Politics. This is a whole different story, and much more hectic since it involves the country's welfare. And, it involves both power and money. Corruption? "Saya Anti-Rasuah"? Read this: BULL SHIT. You tell me where can you find 0 corruption - sans Mecca, the holy land. Nama pun holy land.


Lets take the classic: The whole feud between siblings about the fight of the inheritance. I mean, what the fuck are these people thinking man? Fine yes they have their own financial crisis and all that bull. Again, this is an easy way out. Who doesn't want an easy way out? Its the fastest way and the most foolish and ignorant people would agree to this. Because they're stupid. They do not know how to fall and stand on their two feet.

Spoon fed, biasa lah. Too immune with all the extra helps given until they have forgotten how to stand on their own.

Funny thing is, is how these people would push the boundaries to bring their opponents down. They shout, they scream, pushing away their rationalities. What ever happened to Love? They are in some ways, standing for their rights yes. But it could always be done in a proper manner.

I might be months late, but to sell that house without informing the "legal" and "rightful" people first not days or weeks after, is just well, inhumane I would say.

It does not matter about the whole bill notes,what is in a bill note anyway? It's the inhumane act that hurts people the most.

So basically, this whole barter system evolution has done us good no doubt because it helps you to get what you want. Not only that, people managed to "level" things up, the whole classification of pasar malam goods and designer items. You have the money, you talk. Otherwise, too bad, so sad. You pay extra for better cuttings, colors and designs. You pay mounts of money for better education. You pay more for a better design for your new luxury SoHo suite.

What ever happened to passion? What ever happen to Love, to Humane acts?

People would literally (and metaphorically) kill for money. They would burn the family ties, tight bonds between individuals to win, to satisfy their quench and greed over these bill notes. Because apparently, these mounted bill notes could buy you a better life. Sad to say, yes it can buy you a better life.

But I guess its how you approach of "buying" that better life of yours. You do not need to kill for money. You do not need to disobey the humane acts for money. You do not need to sacrifice love and bondings for money.

I can only hope that people would just realize that really, what is in this piece of bill note?

Pokok pun dah nak berkurang.


kamal said...

money makes the world go 'round..

you know what my dream is? i want to live kampung style, totally independent. I want to make everything from scratch, so when everything's doomed, I still can live.

ironically the problem is I need money to start all this...

hati batu said...

that's what I've been saying to people. what's the rush to get yourself on that big fat cheque? it seems like everyone is chasing their 'dream' when all that they're chasing is money, money and more money.

Haven't they learned, time after time, that money doesn't buy love, compassion and happiness? society has lost its sense of belonging and the values it used to have.

what's the point of living a millionaire's life when you've lost all humanity in you? people are now soulless bigots living a life of greed. i wonder what went wrong?

glad to know someone out there still cares about the humanity in life.

pinknerd said...

it's like asking the question; how do you define being educated?

in a materialistic world where money is all people seem to chase after, humanity blurs into nothingness; similarly, do you consider yourself educated if, even though you're smart as hell with a degree from one of the world's top ivy leagues, you have an attitude lower than the low?

humanity isn't defunct solely where money is concern, really.

but it's a deep topic, i don't think i can justify it either.

Anonymous said...

i've been to makkah and there's stealing and robbing and corruption there all the same.

just fyi.

Anonymous said...

the weird things is most relationships nowadays is based on $$ and you cant deny it. 'love' is missing~

Jumping Jane. said...

Kamal, true. To be independent you still need to have you know that few sum of money.

Hati Batu, thank you. Sadly, many of their dreams out there are to "get rich or die trying".

Pink, sighhh. Ivy League jom? Haha, tak cukup pandai siot aku ni. But then again, what is in the academy you study in? Its just the bloody norm that says, you'd secure more better job.

Anon, so what's holding you back? Lavish me with money! Haha, joke.