Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hulabaloo and whiny words

Sometimes, I just wish I'm half as carefree as most of the population in the entire world. Wanna know why? This is Jane, whining:

1. I know my due dates are around the corner. And yes, I'm trying to absorb a Research on Acquiring Intellectual Skills, and try to work an experiment from that. (Okay, tak complain pasal ni). BUT thing is, I am worried about the other workload and my finals, and how my grades would probably turn out not as great as the last term. And, how am I supposed to write a bloody good paper so it would blow the minds of my educators. And I'm tired of thinking on how the hell am I supposed to convince them that I, deserve a bloody A. And wonder whether my peers have the same thought on how to bridge their points and words properly and nicely just cause they could get an A, or are they just born naturally with the talent to get an A? And how the hell most of the top Dean's List students managed to get 4.0 EVERY SEMESTER? Ahhhhhh.

2. I want to print this bloody Research, but I want to save trees, I do not want to waste papers. I'd just have to read and highlight it on Microsoft Words - which really is not even half the same as reading it on a piece of paper - where I can just doodle at the blank edges.

3. Definitions are killing me.

4. I hate the fact when my mind is not exploring as deep as the friggin' ocean when the term, 'Cognitive Psychology' implies. You see? I want to be shallow and I want to be bloody hell intellectual at the same time? How is that even possible?

5. Adik was right, the human mind is a friggin' battlefield.

Believe me, I'm laughing out loud at my own whining words. Now, I shall focus on my research proposal.

And, no actually, I'm thankful with my workload, because its much lesser than my friends'. But, my mind is measuring every single details and it's killing me.

I must say, pelik aku orang tanya, 'Malam ni pergi mana?' - Just cause it's Halloween. Hello? Aku nak tido kot.


Che Eduardo said...

Since when did Haloween became a Malaysian celebration?!


Jumping Jane. said...

Hah tu lah. Semua pergi berdansa lah Che apparently. Haha. Kelakar kan?

pinknerd said...

sama la kita, nad...

kinteruvoid said...

1. how do they do it? tak keluar bilik + baca buku + tak keluar bilik.

2. print je. 5 pages doesn't hurt the trees. They're already hurt as it is. Try saving them a different way. Like tanam a pokok or smthng.

3. definition of definition: the act of defining or making definite, distinct, or clear. (sangat berputar belit)

4. i find it impossible to be deep. sangat tak best.

5. the human mind is exciting. tapi kalau nak buat research about it...hmmm...

afif said...

yay for saving trees. go green!