Friday, December 08, 2006

The best things come from nowhere.

Where do best things come from? Do you realize them as soon as you know its there? Or do you realize it as soon as they back off? Well, for starters, mostly realized as soon as they back of a little. However, they thought they wouldn't back off as far as they could. Because you know why? Because, they thought no matter whatever they did, they're forgiven, they're excused. They thought they could escape with it, again. So, they tend to ignore. Not completely. But you know, just notice it a little and back to they way they were. Cheers. So when the best things left, they would either whine, beg, steal or put a cover. Things to your mind off. You know, make yourself occupied with things, carry the world on your shoulders, play along with fate and put up strong. Hey, you can survive another day. But one day you would realize that its not there anymore and you know you would eventually have to face your frights, your tears augmenting in the sun. To lose the best thing in life is a great heartfelt grief. To lose your best friend since you were a kid, the one you built sandcastles with at family vacation, the one you chased boys full of hatred with, the one that walked with you in junior high, the one that went to senior prom with you. But what happened if you are bound to not make new ones? Like going through pre natal together, or be each others bridesmaid or having one hell of a hen party? But however you're left hanging with your thoughts. Your memories with your best friend? Or would you just go through with it just like nothing happened and move on with your life? Don't ask me why I'm blogging from the most emotional spot of mine. I'm just blogging after I've watched the third episode of season 4 of The O.C. Typical teenie weenie show. Melodramatic. Tell me all about it. But wait a minute, ask yourself this; how would you be? Have you appreciate them enough? You know when they said the best things come from above? Is it true? How far is it then? Or do you believe that they just popped out of nowhere? Well I believe that;

That the best things come for a reason;
The best things in life are there because of you.

Its like when you fall head over heels, and you know impress them etc or do whatever that you guys do to win the hearts. Or like the mother would sacrifice her pain and sickness to walk her kid to school because of her MPV's flat tyre? But years after you just made one mistake. One stupid mistake. You got distracted with your life, you turn your back around, and POOF they're backing off. So when there's lack of attention from you, you would soon find that there's this silent current going on. Or when you got another girl or a boy. That soon you would forget the one who stood by you. Or when the mother is racing hard through the rat race. Pretty much how the karma works. Like the wheel. So you see, they're there because of you. You made them there. But, when you're not there, you would lose them. Maybe not instantly, maybe not few days after that, maybe not few months later. But you will one day when you pretty much do not do anything about it. When you pretty much convinced yourself that they will still be there. Well guess what? They would eventually realize that they have their own lives to run. And they're pretty much running their lives for you now. But they will realize. Soon you will see. Soon. Let me tell you this, no matter where you are, no matter how tough your relationships with your dad, your mom, your family, your friends or your loved ones are just don't get distracted. That stupid mistake of yours would bring massive impact on someone. One way or the other. OKOK I pretty much sound F CHEESY. So er well, I think I'm gonna go now.

"For a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself."

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