Thursday, December 07, 2006

I love you through sparks and shining dragons eyes.

There are many shampoo bottles on my toilet's shelves. Half empty, half full. And my tempted heart wants to use a new one. Bloody greedy kid. More like wasting. "What? I'll ask my adik to use them lah." Whatever. HUMANS. They keep wanting more or rather new stuff for their lusts. You know, good things come to good use. And so they think it will. And they tend to forget how the old ones made them better at things, they tend to forget where they stood. Oh well. You know well I think you know what I mean. Well if you don't, sorry person, you don't fit in this blog. Great, I'll have less readers. Good thing I reckon? Less people know about my life. More like my absolute empty words. Anyways, this whole emo crap gets me today. Pardon me. Been slacking, what? I'm a kid who slacks! At least I don't go in front of your porch drunk and whine begging for sympathy. Laugh kid! We'll see who does that in ten years time. Anyway, the day gets weirder. No, no blank cheque appeared in my mailbox or something. And probably by then, I'll be scared to death but whatever, blank cheque means unlimited amount. Oh! God. I sound like a bloody materialistic bitch right now. And really sorry for my language tonight folks. Not quite right in the head. Nah, no shots involved. Long tough day. Actually I was just in front of the bloody pc watching melodramatic soaps and crying to them. God, how miserable can that be, and how dumb can I sound. If I ought to be watching over myself, I would probably throw a banana at myself. Or probably eggs. Ew gross and not to mention messy. My mom would probably hunt me down. So anyway, I should be asleep RIGHT NOW. And God knows what's waiting for me in the next minute, that being a new day. ANYWAYS, I better cure myself ALONE. Thats pretty much I can do right now, you know self therapy and all. ;) What? Its kinda good you know. Make yourself less depending on people. Yah right woman. Whatever. Anyway, I don't really have much to type about anyway, or rather crap. So i'm gonna go now.

And yah, you would think I'm gonna make it shorter everyday. Nah, I'll prove you wrong. I'm a talented writer. ( HAHA so I claimed to be. ) OK that was another not so funny joke. Whatever man. Cheers. Goodnight and good morning.

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