Monday, December 11, 2006

These songs eat me.

Been counting down the days til my next post have you? Sorry folks. Was kinda not in the mood to crap or should I say kinda lost the charm to cheer you folks with ridiculous nuisance? So anyway, today was tiring - did I mention all we do is sit and wait for Mr. Johnny to brief us for about like 15 minutes? And we waited for like; 2 hours? Wow. Anyway, we chatted with Ming, the guy we were under about his job and studies and all. So yah pretty much kinda to kill the time. So we definitely killed the time! But not pretty good enough. But whatever. It was kinda fun I guess, get to spend time with friends; ok pretty much only Geek-in-hot-shoes, Mr.Cabman and Cabman's brother. Before college. I ABSOLUTELY want to spend time with my other darlings; tiny ASK, LipGloss and MakeUp, Paperbagged friend, Sunshine, Chocolates (Steph this is you in case you do not know) and my FAMILY of course. Time's totally been hectic and pretty much envy me for the past week. And there's only 3 weeks left. And I pretty much have no time left for them. =/ Since the job's here and all. Yeah. Look, I know I've promised you people and all. I know its kinda crappy. But yah I do not want you to think after school means its time for us to separate our ways apart. Though I can pretty much its coming sooner or later, but ITS TOO BLOOODY SOOON!!!!!!!!!
=/ I'm not even done being a kid yet!!! What more a college student? You know dining hall passes, laundries using coins, carrying your notebook around, and lying on the green grass reading books (which I'm pretty sure we DO NOT DO this in MALAYSIA - who wants to baring on "green grass" but ended up is fulled with taik lembu? ) Ok NO OFFENSE, but am I not right? So yah, it pretty much sucked the past week. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed staying home, went out for movie etc. BUT, I wish I can just get ready for the new year in school you know? Buy school books, get uniforms, shoes, etc etc etc!! =/ I SERIOUSLY AM GOING TO MISS SCHOOL OK! So anyway, yeah, it sucks cause I can't really spend time with them all before college. IT REALLY DOES. AND I'M LEAVING FOR COLLEGE SOON.

Did I mention I went shopping? Well OH YES I DID. We were suppose to go to Midvalley, but hey, being a resident in the Klang Valley, of course you would know how hectic it is in the pool of engines and dirt? So we divert our journey to KLCC. Bliss. The shop there is paradise. Oh did I mention paradise? Filled tummy with sushi and oh so sedap wasabi! Only that I had sake then I ate a bowl of udon - with lots of wasabi in it. Pretty much all geared up for hitting the stores. ( Padahal pergi Isetan and Kickers and TopShop je kan ) Anyway, what? we spent most of our time at Isetan ok. Tiring. The old man needs new closet for his work attire. And so there we were at the men's department. Zzzz. Who wants to see 50 year olds buying suits? Well not me. Maybe that old single datin. But certainly not me. So I made my way to The Gallery. Where there was this fascinating sign that says; up to 90%. OH ALRIGHT MAM! So I did. Marc Jacobs? Moschino? YOU NAME IT. Only you have to hand me at least 5k RM to but the tops there! THERE WAS THIS PRETTTTY SWEATER. *digging hand inside the sweater for the price tag* RM 3980.00. OK Nad act normal act normal. HOLY CRAPPP!!!!!!!!!!!! OK; the best part is, its 80% OFF! so its like RM 900.00 ++ Good bargain eh? (Start cursing **&*^&%^&$%^#%^#) So forget it woman, if I'm the next Paris Hilton ( minus the slutty background of hers ) maybe I can buy you tops from there. But not now. Made my way to mom, and smirked. Told her the price and how pretty the sweater was and she said, "Mahal nak mampos - designer clothes, what do you expect?" Boohoo.
What's the difference anyway? Like think about it, what's the difference? Made out from the same cloth most probably. So there you have it.
TOPSHOP TOPSHOP; bought some stuff there. That's it. Then I went to the loo, for like 5 times at KLCC itself. What? Its NAD; haven't you heard? =)

Shut off the little voice inside my head please! Getting annoying I know.
Seems kinda happy with his life now; so kudos to him I suppose?
Good to know. Yes.

OK pretty much want to head for bed. LONG DAY TOMORROW.

Selamat Malam.

Have heart my dear, we're bound to be afraid.
Even if its just for a few days;

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