Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Raining Tuesday, it makes you think.

Right where I left from, it was raining, but it has stopped. Anyway, since it was raining, I went to my room, and ready to indulge through Robinson Crusoe. Hah. Guess how far it goes? 12 pages! ;D Long way to go! Only because the electricity went off. It didn't stop there, no I didn't freak the hell out of myself. Boo. I'm not a bloody coward. Its just dark, its raining with thunders and its 1900hours. oh man, who cares? I'm 17 not 7. Its just dark, and the kids downstairs were already freaking out. I guess that happens when you're still at your childhood age. Man I miss being a kid. But whatever, I still think I am one. ;D So then I grabbed a torch light next to my bedside table and started reading the book, ridiculously with a low source of light. Not exactly a good thing for the eyes. But whatever, never really did care about them. Ok, don't get me wrong. So anyway, the kids climbed up the stairs, and knocked on the door.

"Kakak, pinjam torch light ok?"

And since I'm a good kakak, I lend it to them, leaving myself in a bore state in the dark listening to the pouring rain outside. Heck, at least I did good to them kids. And so, I lay on the bed listening to the rain, staring at the awfully dark ceiling and apparently I see nothing. And logically its because its dark. Duh. Well, all i thought about was what's going to happen next? Like ten years down the road. Will I be what I expected to be? I guess that's pretty much everyone's question of life. What's next what's next? Lets just wait and see. And I thought about this blog too, how far would it go? I mean I've been posting and posting, that's because its new. But what happened after days, weeks or months? When I pretty much ran out of things to say. I really fancy writing and all, but you know the harder you try to make it turn out good, the harder it gets. You can never just let it flow, let all good things flow, and fling your masterpiece up and be proud of it. It only comes once in a while like when I write english compositions for my exams. The paper I always look forward to. I guess its because it makes me talk to my thoughts or rather conscience. Like what should happen next? Or laughing at my story etc etc. Like once I was suppose to write about the worst thing that happened to me. And so well, I let my imagination create its experimental fiction. And I pretty much fancied it. Its not the typical, I lost my wallet and got banged on that bloody lamp-post kinda thing. This woman was suppose to get married that day. She woke up to a house with screaming nannies and psychotic sisters and wickedly loud nieces and nephews. So the sisters were drunk right. From you know the hen party last night and all, then her cell vibrated, it was her fiance and all, and they exchanged expectations on the their big day. And thats when she heard her adik screamed. Haha. Then she found her adik's bridesmaid's dress filled with doodles by her nieces who apparently were testing their new Crayolas that their father bought for them. Poor her. So anyway, then her bestfriend called her, telling her that the stripper they hired last night for the hen party stole the wedding ring for her fiance. Boy, wasn't she furious? She particulary shouted on the phone and slammed it. Then her dad dashing through the hallway, screaming and all she heard was the weird Sims language that her fiance always plays on his notebook. Hah. No, her dad was telling her that the caterer is bailing off. Her demands were too high; pork chops with extra pepper and garlic, fries fried with sunflower oil. What? she wants it to be perfect, IT IS her wedding day, and this is MY story. So just read ok? And, she could have fainted right that instance. But no she didn't, where's the fun in there? So she took her car keys, crossed across the green lawns, so much for the grass is greener on the other side. And sat in the car with Cyndi Lauper bursting on the stereo and drove to the best doctor in the whole world. So she stood in front of the door there at the porch, and cried like a small girl wanting a balloon from the carnival. She told him everything that happened, and all he said was ; " Honey, your family is psychotic, don't you think they wouldn't pull a prank on our wedding day, it is after all, april fool."

So I've enlighten you with that. I bet you skipped a few lines. Because its long winded. Hah. Anyway I aced that paper. All is well. And, however I hope I did well for SPM. =/ So I watched this anime called Emma on 75; astro. This dude was running next to the train for his love. A typical scene. But it made me wonder is there anybody would do such crazy thing? I mean, why is love so special? I had that once. Now years after, I laughed at myself for being the way I was. I mean c'mon. Its the real world, I'm all grown up right now, mentally, physically (maybe not) and emotionally. F bizzare. Hah. I was a kid once, been there done that. Trust me, if you're madly in love now in your teenage years, it wouldn't last long honey I'm afraid. True love doesn't exist now in this globalisation days. Snap up! Don't get me wrong. And I wonder, how many boys and girls are in love with the person next door? You know; the whole the-boy-next-door or the-girl-next-door kinda thing? Its really sweet and all, but its only in the movies. So yah, whatever. The rain made me really emotional, snap out of it man!

So, its already 2116hours, and I've two good classic movies in line waiting for me in front, better go and watch them, I've to returned them on Thursday anyway. So, I hoped I've filled your empty seconds well and I'm pretty sure you skipped quite a number of lines. Well, that's ok, I do that too when it gets draggy. No one's perfect. Where's the fun in there?

" Maybe you're the same as me, we see things they'll never see, you and I are going to live forever."

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your story sounds like Archer.