Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Here's to the raining night.

Selamat petang Tuan-Tuan dan Puan-Puan,
Saya berbesar hati untuk menghiburkan hati anda dgn kisah satu hari selepas SPM saya.

My eyes hurt, my nose was RED. And ah-ha, the dust couldn't find any better place to be than my nostrils and my eyes. TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT. No stop your thoughts right there, my house is not hopelessly messy or dirty, i was cleaning my books. Well, getting rid of them its a proper term. Not exactly though, i boxed them up. Chose my thick, torn, overused reference books and arranged them on the shelves, right where they belonged before my study days. So anyway, I'm just keeping them for you know, future reference. You never know when they might come in handy. So yah, secretly kinda sad to get rid of them, its good in its condition, all torn and over used, and the doggy ears pages, yeah i like them like that. So anyways, after all that boxed up books, I went through my exercise books, and tore off the used pages and to keep the remaining ones, and well guess what? I only did my Additional Mathematics, History and Physics homework. Well at least I did right? Better than nothing. Anyways, I just hope I won't screw my results up. Not expecting much on Biology though. Sorry, I just never fancy biology. Then i gathered up all the used papers, and getting ready to recycle them. HERE'S TO HELP THE LIVING EARTH. Don't get me wrong, I'm all hyped up to help the earth and all that good stuffs, but er, I can have fun too. Whatever that's suppose to mean, take it anyway you like.

So then I wanted to start reading my Robinson Crusoe but sadly it got nowhere. Read it til the third page, then i felt my eyes were aching, and then, I wanted to sleep. But to no avail. So I flipped through the girly magazine, ha. Funny how people said that they promote low self esteem, well then you just don't have good control of your life honey, I'm sorry. Then tried to sleep again, then, FORGET ABOUT IT. Ran down the stairs, to check my download progress, and yeh score! Strike'em Giddy! Done done done! 5 more episodes to go. Boo. So anyway, I'll crap and enlighten you more with this absolute empty state of mind later, its raining cats and dogs. I might as well get my yellow raincoat on and stand in the rain. And watch paper boats swim down the drain. Cheers.

Here's to the raining night.

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