Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I've done my part.

"Love will remain a mystery, but give me your hand and you'll see."

Good morning my loyal readers, bet I don't really HAVE one. Hah. Mostly I post is absolute empty state of mind of a growing teenager who just ended her schooling days in the last two days. Don't get me wrong, the quoted words have absolutely nothing to do with what I'm gonna post, well more or less it will. See where will my mind and my fingers drive me to. Not really in good terms with maps. So hmmm, oh its only 9 in the morning, and guess what time did I wake up? 6.30am. Brilliant. Never was really fond of waking up later in the morning, think it wouldn't do good. So anyway, all I had for breakfast was banana and a mug of coffee. Coffee is a must everyday, makes me feel old. So anyway caffeine isn't really good for your body apparently. So what the heck? So much for a healthy diet. I might as well shove a dozen of Quarter Pounder in my tiny mouth. Man, I'll be all bloated up. From 41 kilograms to hmmm well, 75? Holy F. Think I'll pass. So when I don't know what the hell woke me up at 3 in the morning, I came up with one conclusion;



They (The smart asses) WILL get A - NO DOUBT;

I on the other hand, WILL NOT.

All hail to my ever confirmed B or C. Holy SHIT.

With that, I rest my case. =/ And with that, I have ABSOLUTE no confidence to get A for my science subjects; Additional Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, not to mention biology. So lets just wait 4 months ahead. And see what the hell did I do with my papers. I mean, ok I think I can get A for at least AMath or Physics or Chemistry, but ADOI! InsyaAllah lah ok. Just pray hard for me. That was pretty much what I think about this morning when the house was sleeping and after I went to the loo to do my business. And right there you are, I slept again til 6.30 am. Ok this shows I have absolutely nothing to talk about or rather write than to fill you with my early hours of the day. Shut up; its my BLOG, and you're READING it, if you do not like it, feel free to page skip. I'm glad you stopped by. Great effort. So anyway, in connection with the quoted line up up above, again I might say it might be the end or might be the new beginning for some of us who just ended high school - the crafting industry, I would like to say, that our parents had put such love, such tendency, such support, effort and anger to raise her up til 17. And the least we could do for them is appreciate their hard work in raising a kid and do great for our future. Which parents wouldn't want to see their kid work all grown up, secured future, secured life so they would be at ease, at peace not needing to worry about their kids anymore. We on the other should worry about them, worry on how little love we've shown them. Because particularly all we do is shout at them and raise voices and postponing our house chores. And well, always complaining on what's on the table. Lets face it, you haven't been out in the real world but they have. They have put way so much effort to make a living and put food on your table, to nourish their kids' good souls. And the least they could do is GETTING HIGH ON DRUGS? DRINK ALCOHOL AND DRIVE? PARTY TIL DAWN AND SLEEP AROUND NOT WORRYING ABOUT GOD OR STD AT LEAST? NOT. Don't mind me, I probably should mind my own business and all, but honey, the world's not always rainbows, time's not always gonna wait for you. Stand up on your feet and get groomed! Its time to shine and MAKE YOUR PARENTS PROUD.

I'm pretty sure behind their hearts even they said they're OK with it they're worrying about you. And the least you could do is make them happy and well do them good you know. After all they have done for you. No matter how screwed up your family tale could be, they're still family, and there isn't a reason to start solving your problems with negative influences. Waste of time, cash, and life. Life's way ahead, start worrying where you'll end up. And I swear you can do it, even if you do not have the greatest of results or the best charismatic skills or the finest hairdo. Its all in the mind darling. Buckle up, get groomed and LIVE.

And I think that is all for now, I've been filling empty time slots with the PC too much. Getting back to my old habits since studying is much of a last choice to do right now. So, cheers. Get yourself a paper from the hawker stall and read about the world, see how much suffering they're going through, and do they choose your way of solving it? I guess not, there's no short cut to life. Then, grab yourself a daisy from the florist.

"Life's too short for craps."

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