Thursday, December 07, 2006

Angry Nerd.

Don't even ask me why. My head pounds like the bloody bass drum that goes THUMP THUMP THUMP. Don't even get me started or I'll start screwing your ass off. I can chew your bloody head off right now. I'm pretty much, well not PRETTY MUCH, ITS F HELL A LOT MORE THAN YOUR FATHER OWNS a month. OK. I know I sound so cheesy and you'd probably say, "Hey get a life, it's a SMALL thing." Fine then I would blame my unbalanced hormones. Because unfortunately that causes PMS. So be it. No I'm not gonna TELL you all the "Oh-so-sad-story-of-mine-and-whine-for-your-sympathy". Nah. Kids stuff. You know what? I'll probably go out ALONE or something and get my mind off things. So cheers. F the world today. No No. F ME. I'm pretty much a spoiled ass.

Don't even ask why its no draggy. I'll get nasty. So back off.

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