Monday, March 02, 2009

"Bizarre love triangle,"

Love. Cinta. Infatuation. Sayang.

People date around. People meet new people. People reminisce about people from the past. People fall in love. People get infatuated. People love.

I am generalizing that come February throughout April of every year, relationships break. Habits dissolve. Love, may or may not remain. I generalize because the people around me shatter during these months of every year. A collective information.

But that's about relationships, habits and affections - the whole exclusive dating. Love, may or may not remain. Sternberg's Triangle of Love claims that there are three main components in Love - Intimacy, Passion and Commitments.

Once, I asked, and the question still remains: If being in love is only made for two people, what happens to the others who might be in love with either of the two?

No, nothing like that at all. You see, as I said, people meet new people, people reminisce about the people from the past. People claim they fell in love with a particular person from the past.

Many years down the road, these people have bundled a collective amount of traits, characteristics, like and dislikes, perceptions, personality, philosophy of that specific somebody. These people can even write a book about that particular person for all I care. 

But that's just about it. These people just look from afar. They get tongue tied when they meet, but you swear, you can feel that electricity. You swear, the intensity of the bloody chemistry is at the highest volt from Milgram Experiment. But the perfect words never seem to come.

At the same time however, these people meet new people. They think of that specific somebody every now and then, even before they go to sleep. Get connected through a satellite and some over-rated tool of communication like the online social network. 

And so they start to distinct that specific sombedy and the new people. Infatuations for the specific somebody. And date around with the new people, probably a light for Love. For a future, to achieve somewhat a piece of Happiness. To reproduce. To fulfil that norm of being an adult and to have a family to call your own.

But at the same time, persistence of this so called Infatuation is just so high at its own momentum. Even if these people date around with the new people, that specific somebody is just so powerful. However, these people feel somewhat incomplete without that specific somebody - distinctions or no.

(or maybe it's just the idealistic schema that these people have made for that particular somebody?) One who complements. 

So, is it still Infatuation? There you go, your very own Signal Fire.


Che Eduardo said...

Explaining the unexplainable..

Nadrah Mustafa said...
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Che Eduardo said...

So no more jane, ah?