Wednesday, March 04, 2009


The thing about me and exams is that, we're never good buddies. No, really. Never. Exams, they chew my head off with their super extraordinary sharpen teeth. They too, argue a hell lot with my mind. It gets really annoying, and can eat me from the inside.

But then again, who are ever good buddies with Exams?

They say, keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. So I did. Exams. Enemies. E² = MC. Mind corruption, bukan MC Hammer, Can't Touch This. Saya curi Einstein punya formula asal, E = mc². Sebab saya bercita-cita nak jadi genius macam dia.

Back when I was sitting for my public exam, SPM; I kept comparing my grades with the other Smart Asses in class. You see, 5B is full with the smarty pants. No, really. 14 A1s, 12 A1s, 11A1s, 9 A1s. And blog readers, you have seen my results kan? So yes. Pressure kot.

But that's not the point. Have you ever ask yourself what really differentiates the top, average and the not-so-outstanding students (in the context of grades)? 

Active and Passive learners. The whole associations between prior and new knowledge. The concept of schema etc.

Apart from that, it's just the bloody war inside your head and your mind. Self pre-occupying intrusive thinking. From the book, they say that one who has a stronger power motive has a higher tendency to experience self pre-occupying intrusive thinking; neuroticisim.

I just have one question: How on earth do you people keep your psychological equilibrium in tact before exam papers?

At the end of the day, psychological equilibrium is still the shiznit. It's the bloody core, yaw.

(Ipat kat hayap hal kan detarrevo nak eerged ygolohcysp ualak uak taub tsuj rof eht ekas fo ti)


Che Eduardo said...

I'll sit for your chemistry; if you sit for my legal theory...

How, deal?!

Nadrah Mustafa said...

Chemistry was easy je. Haha, thank God for my prior Kimia failures, and how I toil for SPM to get A1 in SPM. I've grown to love Chemistry :)

So Che, tak apa lah. Sorry can't trade :P

Che Eduardo said...

Well, thank God you didn't handover you chemistry paper to a fella who never touched a chemistry book before..